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SITUATION 1: It’s raining outside.

THOUGHT A: “I wish I was at home watching a movie!”

THOUGHT B: “I am thankful I have shelter to be under right now!”

SITUATION 2:  It’s Monday.

THOUGHT A: “Ugh. Monday. Four days until Friday.”

THOUGHT B: “I am so thankful for the start of another week!”

SITUATION 3:  Your friend gets engaged.

THOUGHT A: “Of course! Just ONE more person getting married while I remain forever single!”

THOUGHT B: “Thank you, Jesus, for Your perfect timing for my life, including my potential husband/wife!”

Do you see a common trend?!?

I am almost certain I have probably talked about this at some point or another but I feel as though I could write about it everyday as it is ALWAYS relevant to our lives.

In each of the situations above, we are faced with a non-preferential situation, whether insignificant or important.

And each set of thoughts below represents a response to those situations.

“Thought A” probably, more than likely, represents our response to situations so many times in our lives.








What we don’t realize is that the way we ultimately respond to these situations in our lives will often determine the direction we travel next.

AND how we respond to the situations that are NOT preferential to our lives reveals our true character.


“Seriously? That’s kind of a hefty conclusion to make, Cleere.”

And maybe it is, but I believe it’s true.

Think about it: When you respond to a situation with thought A, how well do you usually handle it?

Does it lead to a bad mood? Decisions out of fear? Emotional outbursts due to not taking the time to sit back, pray/reflect on a situation and surrender it to Jesus?

In my own life, I have realized that Satan loves to use the small situations in my life to give me the biggest anxiety attacks!

He knows that if my perception is tarnished by the busyness and expectations of the world and the fear of inadequacy or whatever else is knocking at my door, I will not see the situation for what it TRULY is!

My mind distorts it, my heart deceives it & my body becomes disillusioned to the truth.

I will not see the situation as Jesus sees it.

And therefore, I will not respond in the way that Jesus would like me to respond.

And eventually, a series of bad responses and ways that leads to bad habits….and suddenly, you don’t know how you got to where you are and you feel up the creek without a paddle!

Side Note: When you are a child of the King, your “reality” is going to be different than the world’s “reality”. No matter what. Good or bad, you have a deeper purpose for all pain and you trust His perspective so you can always be thankful.

I guess what I am saying is this: We must be aware of our thoughts and make sure that they are centered around HIS perspective which is always, always, ALWAYS rooted in gratitude.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever responded to a situation in ultimate gratitude and responded poorly?

In my opinion, if you are sincerely grateful for each moment and you choose to see the good Jesus is doing in every situation in your life, your responses take care of themselves.

You are far more concerned about being “Jesus-aware” rather than being “world-aware”.

I challenge you to look at your morning thus far.

How have you handled your time and your energy thus far?

Have you had any disagreements, either with others or is a battle going on in your own mind?

Have you stopped long enough to thank Jesus for another beautiful day and asked Him to guide your thoughts, your emotions and your responses today?

I know it’s easy for life to distract, detour and discourage you.

But you must hold fast to what He has told you: His thoughts are higher and His ways are higher and sometimes we are so stuck in our small minds, we don’t take the time to lean into Him and grab onto the rest and promises He has offered us.

But today, I deeply urge you to rest in it.

Seek His perspective, trust His promises & celebrate with praise!

You might be surprised at how quickly things change when you change the way you are seeing & approaching those things


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” -Isaiah 55:8-9 

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