A Place of Rest

Hey friend- guess what? You made it through Monday. You were second-guessing yourself when the Sunday Scaries came yesterday, weren’t you?

As I’ve gone throughout the tasks of my day, the Lord has been continuously reminding me of this truth:

“Cleere- I know you’re working through your to-do list right now and you have some things you want to cross off your plate, but I need you to understand that rest is still possible in the “doing”.

I need you to grasp that because you are MY child, we travel at a different pace. The world tells you that if you aren’t stressed or frantic, that you aren’t busy enough…but haven’t I spoken a different word over your life? Didn’t I tell you to lay your burdens at My feet and walk in the rhythm of My grace?

I see you scroll and then second-guess— why? Do the happenings of others make your spirit feel unsure? Have you already forgotten that My purpose and My plan for your life will always look different in the particulars and the preparation than that of others?”

And so…in remembering that, I am challenged to step back and evaluate: Am I responding out of the rest He provides or am I reacting out of the restlessness of this world?

Rest is ours. Not the kind (although that is magical), but the unwavering, sovereign, totally perfect kind that changes your everyday pace.

Don’t believe the lie that operating from a place of rest compromises your work ethic or goal-setting; rather, doing so is what provides the endurance, patience and strength to rise to the top.

“The Lord replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” -Exodus 33:14




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