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a second chance to see blog.

Gather around, time for an embarrassing story.

No, seriously though. Yesterday after church, I was writing down a few ways that I felt like God was asking me to grow (Promise I’m about to be humbled…keep reading). Ways in which I knew He was chiseling out the old and bringing in the new. Growing pains, I’d say, because they were all ways that were uncomfortable to me, yet necessary to me becoming more of the person I know my Father created me to be.

Well, one of the things I wrote down was patience to those who are impatient with me (won’t mention any names ). But isn’t that the most difficult? It’s not displaying patience to people that are gracious and kind to you, willing to wait a few extra seconds or the understanding ones, but rather those who are quick to snap at you. Those who do not think about what might be going through your mind or your heart during conversation and focus on your lack of a decent response. Those who are heading home to sit on the couch yet drive like their hair, clothes and life is on fire.

You know, those people (which we are all them sometimes, by the way).

Well, after my little list-making activity, I run to Target later yesterday afternoon to pick up a few things. As I am waiting in line with two people in front of me, I notice the lady behind me is sighing. Like, LOUDLY. Like, almost as if it was a Pandora station on repeat. Cue, my anxiety starting to rise a tad.

Then, I am one person up from putting my items on the belt, and the lady gets on her cellphone to call her friend and talk about how slow the line is moving and how the girl in front of her only has a few items.

Jesus, take the wheel, I thought.  I am truly considering how I can manage to trip her or gracefully confront her. Whatever Jesus would prefer obviously.

After she finishes her rant on the phone, I turn around and tell her that she obviously is in a rush, which I understand (lie), and she can go in front of me in line. Instead of saying “thank you”, she just kinda hustles in front of me and says “yeah, huge rush.”

Jesus, take the wheel again. I jumped back in the drivers seat and I am tempted to give her a piece of my mind. (which if you know me, you know I am not confrontational, but sheesh, this woman!).

As she is checking out, I notice she had a lot of medicine in her cart, followed by some baby diapers and an assortment of other things. Not trying to make any assumptions, but it seemed as though she wasn’t feeling well and had a little one to take care of too.

Because I told Jesus to take the wheel, He then prompted me to put my items aside and help the lady take out her bags.

ME: “Jesus, for real? She straight almost hit me in the face and plowed me over ten seconds ago!”

JESUS: “Cleere. We will talk about how you FEEL later. I want you to do what your heart knows it should do. Serve her. You just asked me for patience.”

ME: “Jesus, I think you’re breaking up…..I’m losing you… gotta run!”

JESUS: “Cleere, SEE her. See her with my eyes, not yours.”

So, I put my basket aside, offered to help the lady with her bags and proceeded to her car. I managed to get a few words out of my lips and say, “I’m sorry you’re not having the best day. I hope that it gets better and that you know you are loved.”

The woman, who stopped rushing for the first time since I laid eyes on her initially, turned around and held my hands and said, “He must have told you I needed a chill pill. Thank you for showing me patience when I didn’t deserve it.”

Y’ALL. Did you hear that? Exactly what I had prayed for- an opportunity to show patience to those who don’t deserve it! JESUS, YOU ARE SO ALL UP IN THIS SITUATION.

Certainly not trying to toot my own horn, especially considering I wanted to trip my new friend at first, but I am so thankful for a faithful Father who gives us a second chance. A second chance to be more like Him, even when WE don’t deserve it.

A second chance to SEE someone through His eyes. Are you stopping long enough to see those around you? To see what God might be asking of you?

After all, when you are that person struggling and rushing through, aren’t you desperately hoping that someone will stop long enough to actually SEE you?

I am.

Let Him chisel you and show you and use you and challenge you and love you. Despite my weary eyes, our precious Lord intervened. I am believing He will do the same for you today

Happy Monday, friends!!!

“The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.” –Psalm 19:8

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