A secured future.

Read that declaration.

Really read it.

I read that this morning and thought…”Um, that’ll preach.”

I needed this today, figured maybe you did too.

The details and particulars of your future may be uncertain but who makes your plans and holds your promises? That is concrete. Jesus.

He has you.

It doesn’t matter how you FEEL, what the news says, what your bank account screams at you or what your fear whispers as you walk out the door, you better choose to believe the King of Kings today and know that your plans have been established and they are good and worthy and beautiful.

Redefine how you view “secure”. It is no longer in the knowing of what is next but rather in the peace of WHO is guiding you.

I hope you’re excited for what’s to come because I can assure you of this: The BEST is yet to come for you.

Promise ya.

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“Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” -Luke 12:32


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