A Servant’s Heart

On the heels of the election (don’t worry, I’m not going to make a post about the election), I have had two things on my mind.

Service and love.

I’m not all too sure why these topics have consumed my thoughts but they have. Maybe it’s because my thoughts with the election were that I just want people to be less concerned with what the country can do for them but what they can do for their country . Yes, the all-too-familiar quote from JFK, but it is so very true.

And love, because how better to serve than to love, right?

So, yes, maybe that’s why these things are at the forefront of my mind. 

Or maybe it’s because, as I sit at work, in my cubicle, tending to my duties and working all day, I question whether I am making a difference at all in the lives of those around me.

Am I loving them and serving them like I am supposed to?

As I write emails, is it possible to see past my words and show love to my co-workers?

Is it possible that, despite what my emotions want to do, I can choose to love others when I would prefer to cry out of stress and frustration?

You see, there is one thing that we can all give no matter how much we own, one thing we can all offer no matter where we are and one thing we all require no matter what way we are “wired”. It’s LOVE. 

It sounds cliché but it is truly a universal language. Spoken by all because it is required by all. 

The currency is the same in every place and we do not have to be worried about running out, because we receive an endless supply from the man upstairs.

So the economy? Yep, not an excuse in this department!

And the craziest part about it is: Everyone needs it. Literally every beating heart in this world needs love.

So, as I’m writing, I’m thinking through this myself.

 This is nuts. So the ONE thing that EVERYBODY NEEDS is the one thing that is FREE to give away and we have an ABUNDANT supply of, yet it is so lacking in our society?

Read that again.

It is FREE to give away. Yes, it doesn’t cost you a dime to love someone. And it doesn’t cost them a dime to receive it.

Everyone needs it. No matter what they say, where they come from, what they look like or who they are, they need love. Their heart was created for it and by it.

We can never run out. Ever. Even if we tried. When we choose to stop loving, Jesus loves even more. 

YET, it’s rare.

People are too busy.

Too scared to be uncomfortable.

Because loving someone outside their comfort zone would require a little….faith. Trust. LOVE.

Loving those that you also love to like- now that’s easy most of the time! But what about those that do not live inside the four walls of your home? Or those that do not attend weekly social nights with the girls/guys?

Jesus says that when we love the LEAST of these, we are loving Him.

He looks at us behind every eye we make contact with, every hand that we shake, every heart we encounter and every life we approach.

Would it change YOUR mind how you loved others if you viewed each of them as Jesus?

I know it would mine.

I’m not sure if I’m rambling, quite possibly so. But something in my spirit is just unsettled with the fact that I act as though my “hands are tied” sometimes because I can’t  spend all my waking moments in the homeless shelter (please do not think I am saying that is not important! It is crucial! And wonderful! But it certainly isn’t the only way to serve through love!)

Service is making bagged lunches for the homeless and delivering them in the cold. 

Service is spending time with children that have no clue what it is like to be invested in.

Service is being a light in your workplace, encouraging those around you and LOVING Jesus through your co-workers, despite the corporate, impersonal approach we are often told is more “professional.”

Service sometimes requires your hands.

But it ALWAYS requires your heart.

Because when you LOVE others, despite how much you feel like you are “doing”, it is profound the different you can make. 

Love someone extra hard today! Pray for them, encourage them and SERVE them. The ultimate form of worship is servanthood and it’s time to worship our King and LOVE on His people! 

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

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