Afraid of the Icebox.

So, I recently moved out on my own, and let me just tell you- I am so not used to it.

Every time I walk in my door, I pull the laundry doors open to make sure no one “sneaked” in, which makes perfect sense since I have two massive locks on my door. Not.

Or the fact that I could not go to sleep the other night, as my heart sank every time my ice maker made a new piece of ice.

It’s like I would figure out what the noise was, yet my mind started to wander and everytime I went to lay down, I forgot the truth again.

I was laughing at myself about it today and I realized it is so much like the way we handle our fears in everyday life.

A piece of ice stealing your sleep… seems kinda irrational.

We stress and allow ourselves to lose sleep over a situation in our lives. With time,  it gets better or we look back and realize God just completely took care of the situation.

But, without fail, we go back to our circumstances and we forget.

Then another “piece of ice” hits the freezer drawer and we allow ourselves to get all worked up again, as if we had not been reminded of what it really was before.

It is never God who fails to be faithful, it is always us to prove to faithless.

We allow our reality and our circumstances to cloud the truth that has always been sure in our lives: God’s provision is sufficient.

Sometimes I wonder if God thinks, “SERIOUSLY?!? Have I not provided protection every single time before? Have I ever let you down? When will you trust me?”

But He doesn’t….that is never His response.

He is patient. He is kind. He is loving. He is our Comforter.

Instead, He says, “My child. Do not let such things keep you up at night, it was just another piece of ice, just another bump in the road, just another obstacle.  But as always, I will provide.”

The reason we never have to let fear keep you us up at night is because we have a fearless God.

Stay in bed and don’t be afraid of the ice-maker or let Satan convince you it is more than it really is. Be still and know that He is God.

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