Against All Odds.

Batter Up. A man, covered in tattoos, stands ready as he hasn’t been up to the plate in a while. Alcohol flooded his life and drugs robbed him of his joy. Media criticizes his every move. He can’t seem to walk away from the quick sand. He already has two outs and the crowd is quiet.

Unfavorable odds? Sure seems that way.

One man is small and skinny in his size. Another is like a creature from a different species, trumping the other in size. The skinny man has no armor but his clothing. The amazon like human is covered in bronze. The small soldier has no weapon but a slingshot and a stone. The beast has a sword sharper than the devil’s tongue.

Unfavorable odds? It appears like it.

An older woman, 78 in age. Her dark locks have been replaced by a bandana that covers her head. Her once athletic stature has been replaced by frailty. Stairs are no longer her friend. The doctor’s report she has less than a two percent change to live for lung cancer has decided her time frame here.

Unfavorable odds? They have to be.

The first is the story of Josh Hamilton as he came back into the game of baseball proving to every opposing fan in the stadium not to ever bet on his failure for their livelihood. And the Rangers? They celebrated their entrance into the World Series with ginger ale instead of champagne. Cheers to the haters!

The second is the story of David and Goliath. David was a soldier of God, not for himself or his own honor. Because he fought for something much greater than himself and placed the trophy on Jesus’ shelf, his pebble was the only one necessary to defeat a giant.

The third is the story of my 84 year old grandmother who is the strongest person I have ever met. She looked death in the face and clung onto Jesus hand, replying in her soft southern accent, “I’ll go when He wants and now is Not that time. Give me my hair back.”

You see, the world we live in has such a clouded view of victory. We seek to understand the science of winning a battle, believing that it all comes down to an equation. While none of these situations are preferable odds for any person, they are not without favor.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t show your God how big your problems are. Show your problems how big your God is?” Well, it’s true. We live in a fallen world where sin is everywhere and Jesus is often forgotten. But our saving grace? Jesus NEVER forgets us. Despite it all, despite the current situation we face or the current circumstance that tries to chain our feet down so we can no longer dance for the Lord, despite it all, it can’t chain down our spirits.

It has NO grip on us.

Jesus has set His captive free.

So, as I sit here right now, I’m adding another story to the list.

A 24 year old man with the courage of a lion. His demeanor from the football field to the hospital room now displays the ultimate level of strength. His wedding? Less than a month away. His supposed prognosis? Two months to two years to live.

You know what? Those are not preferable odds. There is no way to word them to make them sound pleasant. However, I have never witnessed an encompassing of faith and prayer like the one that is going on right now around this man. His name is Spencer and he is a warrior. The coolest thing is that he now has over 4,000 people circling around him, keeping his feet sturdy, his heart at a steady pace and engulfing him in prayer. Jesus absent from this story? PUH-LEASE!

And you know what? More people join the circle every single minute. I can’t WAIT to see what God does through Spencer.

Sorry Satan, you lose, Again.

Against all odds, our God reigns.

P.s. If you just read this, please lift up Spencer as we speak right now! Please lift up his awesome fiance Lindsay and both the Hamptons and the Styons’ families as they fight this battle. Prayer is powerful and necessary. It works. Our God IS a God of miracles.

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