Ain’t He Grand.

June 13, 2012

Recently moving to the Dallas area, traffic is no stranger to me. In fact, I have come to kinda like it (kinda) or maybe I just know it is inevitable so I have tried to think of a good way to pass that time.

On my way home from work yesterday, I started thinking about all the different seasons of my life and what I have gone through in each of them.
Warning: If you do this kind of self-reflection, you will absolutely realize that you were once more stupid than you are today. Hard to believe sometimes.

Anyway, although I have made a lot of mistakes, I started thinking about how GOOD God was to me during each of those situations.

He always delivered me from my strongholds.

He always stayed up late and talked to me when everyone else was too tired.

He always provided people in my life to encourage and support me.

He was faithful.

He was comforting.

He was encouraging.

He was gracious.

He was merciful.

He was caring.

He was loving.

He allowed me to laugh at my own mistakes and see the positive side of an undesirable circumstance. He allowed me to use it as inspiration in my writing. He allowed me to use my failures and hardships to relate to other people and be a source of strength for them.

He, not once, tried to make me feel guilty. HECK no! When you put Jesus in a situation, He removes the shackles, not the other way around.

He, in all of His grace, still allowed me to continue in my dreams despite my flaws. When my ability stopped, His kicked in.

And y’all, this is just a GLIMPSE of how good our father is! We can’t comprehend, fathom or imagine the glory and faithfulness He is capable of.

All I could say sitting in the front seat of my car looking over the Dallas interstate: Thank you. Oh my gosh, thank YOU JESUS.

I know that any good that I do or that comes from me is because He lives in me. Any bad is not of Him. He is what makes me useful, strong and disciplined.

The second I got home, my grandma asked: “What highway did you travel down this time?”

…Great question. I am not even sure I remember how I got from my office back home but my soul sure felt refreshed and I have a pretty good feeling of who took the wheel.

Thank You, Jesus. You are some kinda good to me.

Have you thanked Him today? If not, it’s time.

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