All About Jesus.

December 05, 2012

I am sure that after reading the first little bit of this next paragraph, that you will feel exactly as I did: “I have already heard this like a thousand times. I know it’s all about Jesus.”

I think we all feel that way. We know this already. 

But just listen and hear me out, okay?

I went to an INCREDIBLE service at a church called Watermark in Dallas. The service is called “The Porch” and it’s located in Dallas (if you’re in that area and you have never been, call me. Come. you won’t regret it). 

Anywho, as I am writing right now, I am trying my best to form the right sentences to accurately resonate the conviction I felt in my heart and the power I felt standing in that place last night. It’s hard to, though. And I am going to be honest, I probably will not be able to do this very well, because, honestly, Jesus is way too good to be described. 

BUT, here goes. I will make this short.

JP, the speaker, started talking about “doing good”, about the strength of the gospel and how it travels by good deeds and about how our hearts should be yearning to do good because we have already received the GREATEST good.

Wait, go back. Did you catch that?

We are not supposed to “do good” because we feel as though we must earn our salvation. HECK no, that’s called grace. It’s the second covenant. It’s the basis of our faith. It’s the reason we have faith and are saved. You can’t earn ANYTHING.

We are not supposed to “do good” because we want to be glorified on this Earth and known as someone who does good. 

We are supposed to do good because we have ALREADY received the GREATEST good when Jesus died for us. It was the absolute greatest gift that anyone could ever give. And He gave it to someone, to everyone, who was and still is far from deserving. 

You see, the people of this world who do not know Jesus? Well, they know you. What does your life say? What does it show about our Jesus?

Jesus says that the world should KNOW that we are His because of the way that we LOVE.

There should be no doubts!!!

They should see the way we treat others, hear the way we speak and know that the way we live our lives is not like the world. It is crazy. And radical. And selfless.


Because it’s all about Jesus. 

We do because He already did.

We start offer grace to others because we receive it freely from Him.

We love because He first loved us.

We are bold because He always stood out.

Jesus. His name alone is the greatest good.

My first question is this:

1. Have you accepted His love?

2. If so, what are you doing?…no, really. What are you doing?

There is a war waging.

YOU are a soldier.

Your greatest weapon is love.

That’s not hippie theology, that’s called the Gospel.



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