All You Need.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a need as a lack of the means of subsistence or a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being of an organism.

As I was talking to different friends about what they wanted for Christmas, these were some of the statements made.

“I need an iphone 5- way bigger.”

“I need a new pair of boots, I’m just over the ones I have right now.”

“I need liposuction, ate way too much over thanksgiving”.

That last one was said sarcastically, but do you get what I mean?!

We throw around the word “need” like it’s a basketball, pairing it with anything that seems fit for our current life situation.

But more so than the fact that we misuse this term, it is the realization that we actually think we need these things. That, somehow, someway, our lives would be incomplete without them.

I completely understand that some will disagree but you can’t say I am wrong about this: An iphone 5, a pair of boots nor liposuction is something we need.

We might want it. Desire it. Lust for it. Be more “stylish” or “trendy” with it.

But we don’t NEED it.

As I start to make my Christmas list in a text message to my mom, I am overwhelmed with the realization of my own selfishness.

Since when should the majority of my brain cells during this time of year be devoted to figuring out which brand of purse I want?

I just wanted to cry. I am SO sorry, Jesus. I know that my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, and out my own back door, NEED shelter. Not a better-looking home, but a home in general.

They NEED water, because it is essential to our survival. And because of their living conditions, they walk 4 miles every single day to the nearest well and draw from a mud puddle, hoping to find something that can quench their thirst.

They NEED essential things, like a clean pair of underwear so they can fight off the bacteria and dirt that surrounds their village or neighborhood.

Oh man, Jesus, why have I allowed myself to truly believe I need things I don’t and forget those who truly do?

Because it’s convenient.

Because it’s easy.

Because I am not forced to see the tragedy that is out there on a daily basis.

Because my life is busy, okay!!!??

No, Cleere. No.

You have been living for you. What fits YOUR schedule. What is available to do with your resources, after you’ve crossed off your “needs/wants” list, THAT is what you will give away. And your time? You simply don’t have any by the time you go to work, workout, read a little, eat dinner and go to bed!

Guess what? Reality check. Heart check.

You make time.

You give up things so you can help others.

You workout 30 minutes less so you can serve at the homeless shelter two nights a week.

You quit reading about Jesus’ love and you start showing people it, telling them about it, and DOING what He desires for you to do.

To serve Him by serving His people, by loving His people. And really, in turn, that is loving yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think condemnation and guilt are meant to lead us to serve. Beating yourself up will do NO good, that’s the opposite of what God wants you/me to do!

But He does want us to utilize the here and now.

He does want us to stop talking about how good He is and to show people His goodness.

He does want us to stop just thanking Him for loving us and to demonstrate that love to others.

I’m sorry for writing a novel, but 1. It’s been a while cause I slacked off and 2. It is the truth so I am sharing.

As December continues on, I am praying I approach Christmas, and everyday after that, with a new perspective on what I “need” and a greater attention to what others need.

Jesus, I pray for my heart and my friends’ hearts. It is not that we are evil or trying to ignore our brothers and sisters, but rather it is the standard in this world to only think of ourselves.

However, you tell us over and over that we are not of this world.

We are made by, for and in You.

And You crave and yearn for your children to be Your hands and feet, to be Your heart to those who may not know You or those who already do but they need Your love!

Lord, I pray we stop reading Your commandments and we begin doing them.

Your goodness and Your love is too much for us to grasp but may we desire it first and foremost, for it really is the only thing that we need.

Jesus, thank you for choosing to use a flawed and messed up person, like me, to show Your incredible love to other people.

In Jesus name, Amen!

“Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” -John 13:17

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