Anchored Up


This word is so strong. And within its context determines so much of our lives. The place of our anchor reveals the place of our trust. The place of our hope. The place of our peace. The place of our strength. The place of our joy. The place of our compassion. So many things.

And while it makes sense for a boat to drift, we forget we do the same, hoping that our initial placement into the ground would be enough. We get sidetracked. We get busy striving. And suddenly, we look up and think....”wait, what is this place? How. Did. I. Get. Here?”

But really, we get no where by accident. We drifted because we stopped being attentive to the origin of how we first set up camp in this place...
The gratitude and the praise and the diligence and the prayer — it came easy at first. It was what we did, because how could we not?

But then we started doing other things, and we kinda lost ourselves in them.
And now we are frustrated. Our hearts feel hardened by what we see and the palpable joy we experienced before has been overtaken by the gloom in front of us.

It’s okay to be here 💛 and if we are honest, we let ourselves drift pretty easily. The good news is, our true anchor — the grace of Jesus— never lost it’s way or its willingness to help us get back. When we dig ourselves into His truth and wrap our security around the certainty of His promises, we begin to feel that assurance again. The sunshine starts to hit our faces and we see land...there it is. Okay, we are good.

Placing our security in finances or friendship or future plans or relationships or reputation or whatever it may be will always make us drift into waters that seem dependable at first but always land in disappointment.

Our view is not about what we have or where we’ve been or what our boat even looks like, but about where we place our anchor— our mindset becomes about His mission. We know that we KNOW that we know we are taken care of and come what may, we are safe in Him.

Our destination has never been a place, has it? Just a person. Jesus. However we word it, that’s what we ultimately want to experience 🙂 Forever safety.

"But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it. Don't drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the Good News." -Colossians 1:23

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