Backpack Check.

June 19, 2014

backpack check

Do you ever have scriptures that make you visualize something so specific, you feel as though it’s like a picture book spelling itself out?

Well, I have one scripture in particular that has changed the way I visualize starting my day every single day.

You may not see it this way at all and that is totally okay, but I felt like I needed to share the illustration with you so here goes.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” -1 Peter 5:7

This scripture is very close to my heart, as I have always struggled with anxiety.

Over small things and big things.

It was always something I deemed as just part of my personality, it was part of who I was as a person.

I couldn’t help it, ya know?

Well, as I read through scriptures and started verbalizing specific ones on anxiety, this one completely stuck in my head.

Want to know what I imagine is happening when I read this scripture?

I see a little girl walking, pigtails and all, with a MASSIVE backpack on her small back.

Full of bricks, heavy ones, that slow her down and make her stumble.

As she has walked along the way, she has believed the continual lies fed to her that she has to carry those bricks alone.

So she continues, pressing her tiny fingers together, praying for someone somehow to see her, stop, and help her.

As she finishes her prayer and hangs her head in discouragement, she runs right into the feet of Her Heavenly Father.

He brushes the beat of sweat off her forehead, takes EVERY single brick from her backpack and smiles at her, as if to say, “Hi Precious one, where have you been?!?

And there it was, the help she had been searching for and the comfort she did not know she needed.

As He says, “Are you going to let me take these fully? If so, you can keep all that room in your backpack for the jewels and fruits that I want you to carry! These bricks weigh you down, love. You aren’t ever meant to carry these alone.”



Yet completely at peace, she unzips, unloads and continues on.

And as she feels the lightness she hasn’t felt in so long, she thinks, “Man, how did He know? And how did He find me? Did he know I wanted to quit?”

I love that scripture.

And maybe that illustration is totally different than anything you’ve ever pictured in your mind, which is totally cool and the most awesome part about His word- we all interpret it in different ways.

But what it means for our lives is all the same.

We aren’t meant to carry burdens alone.

And worry doesn’t have to characterize our lives.

Or determine our perspective.

Unless we refuse to fully give up our bricks.

Unless we want to desperately try to fight on our own, with sweat dripping down our foreheads, blisters on our feet and discouragement in our hearts.

I started doing something recently when I get ready in the mornings and it sounds so cheesy but I promise it has genuinely helped me!

As I pack my work bag and gather my purse, I go through in my head what I want to bring along to determine the direction of my day:








Extra helpings, please.


It’s almost Friday. Come on Jesus, I need it.

Worry? Anxiety? Bitterness? Pain? Loneliness? Jealousy?


Nope, I am not packing that in my backpack today.

Not doing it.

So, maybe it’s elementary. And childish. And corny of me to suggest this but I say we all pay a little more attention to what we are packing in our backpack.

Do you have some old bricks you’re taking back from His feet? Or have you picked up new ones?  They weighing you down?

Give them to Him

You need that room! For bigger and better and way more awesome things, okay?

So do yourself a favor and do a backpack check.

Like what you’re carrying?

Love you, friend!

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