BALLIN’ with Coach J.

“Sin is not hurtful because it is forbidden, but it is forbidden because it is hurtful.” –Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever imagined God as a referee, the one who makes sure you play by the “rules” and stay in bounds of life’s game?

I know I have, it’s easy to do that.

We mess up. He blows the whistle. We get penalized, even if we swear our foot wasn’t crossing the line, His word is final.

Just like a referee. They see an out of bounds pass happen, the whistle blows, it’s the other team’s ball.

As I learn more about Jesus, I would be way more inclined to say He is much more of a coach than a referee.

You see, he is not on the sidelines, waiting for us to mess up so he can blow his whistle and reprimand us. We are SO short-changing God and getting it all wrong when we view it that way.

1. Jesus isn’t on the sidelines. He is in the game. He is whispering in your ear, telling you how to handle any opposing targets that may come your way and offering you encouragement to stay on track.

2. Viewing Jesus as a referee means you do not seek him for strategies or advice, you just expect punishment from him when you mess up a play.
a. AND HELLO You can’t expect to win ballgames if you only give Jesus a sideline role!!!

3. Coaches want the best for you! They know your strengths and your weaknesses, the best way you handle a ball –they know you as a player from the inside out.
a. Coaches inform you of the possible punishments so that they can PREVENT you from receiving them and so that you can play the game to the best of your ability and play it right!

Tracing back to my original quote, Jesus doesn’t tell us not to sin because He wants to keep us from having fun. (Seriously, come on now!)

Jesus is like a coach, but you must remember He is also your father. At the end of the day, his rationale for you not making a play is simply because He is protecting you.

Sin is hurtful. It scars and it damages and it tears us apart. But most importantly, it distances us from our father. The louder the sin in our lives, the less we can hear His voice and the farther from home we roam.

Jesus is your coach. But He is also your father and your biggest cheerleader.
Listen to Him. He is the winningest coach in history!

His strategy is failproof. His stats show no losses. He will not let you down but you must be willing to abandon your own gameplan and trust in His.

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m signing up to play on Coach J’s team. I heard if you win the whole series, you live foreva- ain’t never heard of a trophy package like that have ya?! BALLIN’!

p.s. I heard the Coaches’ kids usually get special perks?! SCORE! We’re all in luck!!!

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