Be Bold. Ask. Seek. Knock.

I mean, it might be a tinge awkward. It will probably push you out of your comfort zone. It will require some big faith and a large dose of courage, but I guess my question is, what do you have to lose?

The more time that goes by and the more life lessons that I learn, the greater I understand the need to be bold and ask questions. And the more I ask questions and pray big prayers, the deeper I comprehend that I was ALWAYS meant to do so.

And so were you. You were always meant to step up and show up and dig deeper and search and seek and knock and get uncomfortable.

How often do we spend time complaining about closed doors? How many times have you tried to wish yourself somewhere, totally missing out on the fact that your next action step, your next move, your next open door required YOUR step of faith?! It required you to swim a little outside of your comfort zone and into deeper waters.

And do you wanna know the best part about all of this? God’s grace abounds in deepest waters. His power is made perfect in your weakness! His faithfulness opens doors you couldn’t even dream up and His strength provides the way.

But my friend, you gotta show up. You have GOT to stop being scared of rejection– really! (Preaching to the choir on this one ). But I am learning this– get ready for it– you ready?

Rejection doesn’t determine your worth, doesn’t change your destiny, doesn’t alter God’s thoughts about your capability, doesn’t matter to those that love you, and it certainly doesn’t last forever.

So, stop being scared. Ask BIG questions and knock on those doors you’ve been running from for so long. Your Jesus is ready and He is willing and He is waiting– He just needs you.

Humility. Boldness. Persistence. Get you some

Hope you have the BEST Wednesday!

p.s. These Men’s Scripture Cards can be found Here.


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