Be Obedient.

In doing my devotion this morning, I was thinking about the importance of being obedient.

I thought about all the many stories in The Bible that talk about the obedience of the disciples and people who were willing to take a bold stand for Jesus at a time when His name alone could cause someone to be imprisoned and persecuted.

I started to think about my prayers recently and how I was praying to have the “strength to be obedient”.

I realized that I was assuming and believing that being obedient to what God was calling me to was going to be painful and undesirable.

I think I was totally missing the boat on this one.

Why would we expect a negative outcome when we are pursuing a good God?

Now, I didn’t say that being obedient wouldn’t be uncomfortable or difficult sometimes.

However, I believe that in our obedience comes our biggest blessings.

For example, (pretend like this is real), say you think God is calling you to be-friend someone that is not in your “group”.

You aren’t familiar with them and from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem like you two would hit it off.

But you negate your own doubts and you message that person on facebook anyway; invite them to a lunch date and just say that you would love to get to know them.

From this experience, you end up gaining a sincere, life-long friend and that person gained a much needed companion.

Why are we so surprised when things work out this way?

Of course, being obedient with the intention of being “doubly blessed” is not what I’m saying; however, we must trust that when God is calling us to reach out to someone, to speak boldly in front of our friends, to step away from our normal daily routine or to serve someone, it is because He wants to bless us too!

Our self-centered, “me me me”  mindsets seek out the blessings first.

But our Christ-centered, “Him Him Him” mindsets seek out His obedience first.

Do not be surprised when God rocks your own world when you are obedient to Him and you serve and love the people around you!

He is a good God. That is a constant that will never change.

Don’t you think that being obedient and following the only unconditional provider of love will lead you into a life filled with love?

So, now Instead of praying for the “strength to be obedient”, I will be thanking Him for the blessings that come from obedience. I will be thanking Him for the strength and courage to be obedient and that comes from obedience…which in itself is a blessing  

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