Be still.

Do you have a hard time being still? I do. I often try to just sit down and reflect but I always find something to do, somewhere to be or something to think about that distracts me. It’s hard to get away when you’re constantly checking your cellphone, facebook, twitter, email and any other form of communication we have these days. Even if you wanted to disconnect, people expect you to be available.

This weekend, I decided to stay at my family’s beach house in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Two of my best friends, Caroline and Ellie, came along for the ride. When deciding what to pack, let’s just say we were packing a pair of jeans if we decided to get crazy and exit the back porch. Sweats were definitely the plan. I was so excited just to be removed from the craziness of Chapel Hill (even though it is wonderful) and just chill.

Ever since I can remember, the beach has been my therapy. I look forward to every summer sunset, beach hair, the natural remedy of salt water and the feeling of the crisp air that only the coast can offer. First thing I did after waking up was walk out the back door and lay horizontal on the porch. The sun was PERFECT. The water was smooth as can be. The American flag was waving across the harbor. As I sat there, I started thinking, “He made all of this.” Seriously, how creative is our God?! The insane colors that the sunset can make had to be made by a perfect artist. And for the first time in a while, I was still. My brain wasn’t wandering. I didn’t have to be anywhere. My to-do list was exactly what I was doing: being content where I was for the moment and not worrying about the next. I heard someone say the other day, “Count moments, not things.” It’s so true. Moments make up our lives but we often are too much in the rush of life to slow down and enjoy each one. When we take a moment to be still, life doesn’t seem so bad. Problems seem solvable. The world seems more beautiful. And as for the scenery, well the waves speak for themselves.

So, I’m challenging myself from here on out. I know there will be days when “being still” almost seems humorous. However, I know, and am constantly reminded, that it is necessary. I want to smell the roses rather than always find more flowers to plant. God didn’t make things so beautiful just so we could talk about them, He longs for us to experience them. He wants us to be still. After, all, he knows how ADD we all are. It’s just a fact of life: When we slow down and look around, our circumstances are always twitter worthy, our lives could all be an exciting facebook status and the pictures we’d have the ability to take could sell millions. So, be still. Disconnect. Realize what is around you and soak it in. Life is good.

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