Beauty is her.

proverbs 31 woman

A gentle spirit that calms down the room.

With a bold sense of self that makes one swoon.

Eyes that seek to listen and understand.

Even when all around her has not gone as planned.


Hands that are soft and tender to the touch

But don’t underestimate her load; they can handle much.

Seeking to serve the broken and the lost.

To witness one sheep found would be worth all the cost.


Each step she takes with integrity and ease

Only looking ahead at Her father to ensure He is pleased.

She doesn’t seem to be bothered by talk or by slander.

Because she has realized her worth and their labels don’t brand her.


She invests in her friends with a selflessness and care.

Focusing on their hearts, a friend like her is rare.

Her conversations are filled with truth & joyful praise.

She can’t help but lift her hands when she reflects on her days.


To her husband she speaks love & life.

Knowing that there is an extreme responsibility in being his wife.

For how Jesus loves us ,she must also love him.

With grace & honor and forgiveness of his sins.


Her soul is a jewel that’s like a wildfire

All-consuming, captivating, you are drawn by her desire.

To taste each gulp of life with an intense thirst for more.

Her wings unclipped, spread wide, ready to soar.


Her wisdom is sewed deep in t he roots of her daily decisions

She waters them each day knowing it’s much more than religion.

With a smile as dependable as the morning light

Her face radiates kindness and in her heart is delight.


It is her daily attitude that best displays the fibers of her heart.

As she embraces each line of His story, thanking Him for her part.

So that is she, beauty, not the essence of perfection.

Rather a Proverbs 31, a woman seeking only His affection.

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