Believe you can, you will.

I think for so long I have always thought I believed in myself and my dreams. Everyone does, right? So, so, so wrong. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that most people don’t actually believe their dreams can be a reality. They think they’re too “far-fetched” to happen with their current circumstances. However, that is the point of dreams- believing and reaching for something that you’ve always wanted yet seems unattainable. Because if dreams were just realistic tendencies or goals we knew were possible, they’d just be ordinary events and life phases like everything else! The difference is: dreams require faith.

When I say faith, I don’t just mean thinking that a dream is a possibility, I mean active faith. Active faith is taking the necessary steps forward and spreading your wings, unsure or not what’s beyond the cliff. It requires TRUSTING Jesus that He will give you the strength necessary for the journey, the right wind speed for your wings and the guidance along the way. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that having active faith mean making a decision you know isn’t right and hoping for the best anyway. That is direct disobedience from what God wants you to do. However, it can mean being willing to take a risk when the world tells you it’s not “logical.” Sometimes this means sticking with a job that you know God is calling you to, even if you are offered one with a higher salary and a better view of the city. You see, when you obey God and your desire is to bless His kingdom, He will give you the earthly riches you need. Even more so, His love and His peace are so fulfilling, you lack the desire to have more “stuff.” You want more of Him and less of you or more of Him and less of the “world” that consumes you. When you spread your wings for Jesus, He simply won’t leave you to fly alone or without direction. Having an active faith is rooted in the knowledge that living a life FOR Jesus is much more satisfying than living a life for yourself. When you tap into this knowledge, He gives you the power of the Holy Spirit and there is nothing you can’t do and no where you can’t fly! How AWESOME is that?!

So, believe in your dreams. Have faith that God will NEVER lead you astray. Remember that deciding to believe in Him will lead you to do good for Him which will ultimately lead you to live for Him. And THAT, my friend, is the absolutely best life you could ever sign up for. You don’t just fly first class, you see the world from Jesus’ eyes. Try hating that view….that’s what I thought.

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