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There will always be a running to-do list. There will always be people knocking at your door needing your time. There will always be demands begging for your attention.


Straight-up busy. We all, in our own way, are chickens with our heads cut off trying to keep too many balls in the air.

So because of this, we always appear frazzled. Our favorite response in conversation becomes, “I’m so busy!”, “Life is crazy”, “Just trying to get to Friday”, and we have begun stamping it as our identity, as if appearing to be extremely busy qualifies us as more important.

We must evaluate and really be honest with ourselves:

1. Your life may be hectic but are you choosing to be stressed?

2. Have you been living under the presumption that the busier you are, the more important and successful you will be?

3. When was the last time that you answered the question, “How are you?” with a truthful answer that didn’t include the number of meetings or conference calls you have going on that day?

4. If someone had to caption the banner that you carry around with you at work, at home, wherever– what would it say? “BUSY”? Or “Blessed”?

Let’s reframe our minds and choose a different mantra:

“I may be busy but I am BLESSED.”

I would bet that your workload would appear different if how you carried yourself changed Give it a try!

Have the BEST Tuesday!


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