Bounty “Quicker Picker-Upper” Grace.

September 08, 2014

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We hear the word constantly, as it is included in most Christian song lyrics, used casually in phrases and is prominent in every Bible story.

I certainly have no room to throw stones, as I often find myself realizing over and over and over again how I put my own limitations on what His grace means for my life.

We often associate His grace with the “free pass”; our ticket into Heaven, as Jesus died on the cross and redeemed us from ourselves so that we may have eternal life with the King.

And while, yes, He died so that we may experience FOREVER with Him, He also died so that we may live in constant revelation of His grace here and now.

The thing is, we naturally define and understand grace through the lens of what we can give, understand and offer.  We compare the grace that Jesus has given us with the grace we extend and His is SO MUCH RICHER, so much BETTER, so much FULLER!

His grace is Super-plus Bounty paper towels and ours is generic tissues!

(Have you ever had to rely on generic tissues to clean up a serious spill? The. struggle. is. real.)

We constantly find ourselves having to go back for more because the grace we first offered still left a stain on our hearts.

But His grace? The mess has been wiped clean as though it never happened.

Seriously though, I would hate to try to explain such grace because it simply is what it is: The Gospel.

Life-altering, all-consuming, unshakable, completely undeserved, crazy, insane, awesomely wonderful GRACE.

The coolest and most insane part about His grace is that it truly has no boundaries.

No matter who you are, what you have done, the bad habits you have formed or the poor decisions you have made, His grace covers you.

Not just a little bit and not for a little while but rather completely and for forever.

You can’t run from it.

You can’t escape it.

You can’t lose it.

You can’t gain it.

Your sin may sting and your shame may run deep but I assure you of this: His grace runs deeper.

You are literally swimming in an ocean of His grace and there is nothing you can do to stop the waves of mercy from giving you a clean slate and a fresh start.

Isn’t that awesome?!

You see, that’s the thing though: When you realize the infectious, incredible, incomprehensible magnitude of your Savior’s grace, your whole world changes.

The sunshine seems a little brighter.

Mondays become a gift.

And people, even the difficult ones, are no longer a burden.

Grace washes over you and it overflows into the other relationships and areas of your life and you can’t help but share it.

Grace saves you, redeems you and gives you a second chance as it whispers, “You are a child of God and you were born to be a world-changer. Now go!”

So, my friends, listen to it whisper.

Let the sweetness of His “Quicker Picker-Upper Bounty” grace permeate your being and renew your heart- it will change EVERYTHING.

“But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved.” –Ephesians 2:4-5

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