Bringin’ it back: W.W.J.D?

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Silicone bracelets.


Beaded necklaces.

License plates.


We have seen this message EVERYWHERE.

To the point that we have dumbed down its meaning and significance.


 What would Jesus do?

(Probably respectfully decline my beaded, horribly color-schemed, bracelet. It was AWFUL. Sweet, but awful.)

Really though, as I was invited into a situation that I was not sure how to respond to recently, this phrase came to my mind.

What would Jesus do? Hmm…

In my uncertainty, I figured His word would be the best place to search.

Sure enough, La Biblia is STACKED with stories upon stories that display the character of Jesus.

Sometimes, I wish we could read the Bible as a play or something, where we saw Jesus as a real person who had real emotions, dealt with real struggles, confronted real temptation and endured the wrath from real enemies.

YET He did not sin.


Lift up your Hands or clap for Him or just say “Thank You” or something. That’s Jesus. That’s our God. That’s crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anywho, Jesus was never a doormat.

In fact, He was known to speak the truth that everyone else was afraid to say.

However, there was absolutely no doubt that every word He spoke came from such an undeniable place of love, that people could not pretend as though they did not see the difference in the way Jesus acted than His peers (after all, he was their King, so that could get awkward.)

When we think of “WWJD”, we go extreme with it.

Either Jesus is some hippie, flower-child who goes around hugging everybody and telling them “Peace be with you.”

Or he is Nazi-like in his demeanor, enforcing the laws and demanding submission from His people.

Or He is not real.

Well, the third one is out the window. Even atheists have stopped trying to deny His existence upon this earth.

So what was Jesus like?

And how did He treat people?

As I seek the scriptures for these answers and for examples of what Jesus was like, I am constantly in awe of His brilliant responses to every situation He faced.

His love quieted the hate because it did not stand a chance.

He did not care about the appearance of the people around Him, what job they held or what their last name was; rather, He was concerned with two very distinct things all throughout scripture.

1.)  Do you love Me?

2.)  Do you love My people?

Nine words.

Two massive questions.

They both directly relate to one another.

If you love Me, Jesus says, you will love My people. And if you are loving My people, then you are loving Me.

Because Jesus is not physically embodied on this earth like our friend Bob or Sue,  how we love Bob or Sue shows the love that we have for our Jesus.



Such a vague and annoying answer, right?

My thoughts exactly.

However, it is actually quite that simple.

I have quickly come to find that when we are earnestly seeking to love others like Jesus does and react to situation in a way that would honor Him, the specifics are made clear to us.

I know I still have SO much to learn about and from Jesus, as I will for the rest of my life, but there is one thing I do know: He does not seek to confuse or misguide our hearts when we are seeking the narrow path.

In other words, when you are confronted with a situation, and you are praying and searching for the best way to love that person as Jesus loves them with your response, Jesus does not try to make the answer a dadgum soduku puzzle.

In fact, I think I am going to make a new line of jewelry in response to the classic WWJD tagline…

It will say, “Jesus Would Love.”

J. W. L.

So you should too.

So, how are you doing on those two questions my friend?

1.)  Do you love Jesus?

2.)  Do you love His people?

And I ain’t talking about the “love from afar, ‘I hope they don’t die or anything’ kinda love, I am talkin’ the Jesus love.

The real stuff that serves the very depths of people’s heart.

Do you love like that?

LOVE Y’ALL!!! Be encouraged.

“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” -1 John 4:7-8

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