Bumper Sticker Heartcheck.



Ya know the cars with all the bumper stickers that stick out like a sore thumb?

The ones on instagram that people take pictures of because it’s like looking at a mural and needing to take ten advil after.

I was riding behind one on my way to Louisiana yesterday and the car in front of me had a sticker that said, “I <3 my family”.

I thought, “well, that’s good! I sure hope you do.”

As I ride past her (she was going like 10 under-promise), I see her pointing a finger and screaming at her child in the front seat.


And the child was just balling crying.

Now, by no means, do I see this and think that this shows that she doesn’t love her children, because let’s be real- we often need tough love- but it did lead to me to start thinking…

If we had a bumper sticker on the back of ourselves that represented who we were, what would it say?

What would we WANT it to say?

And would our actions support it?

I know, and I am talking to myself here, that we all have big dreams and hopes for our lives.

Our desires are there! That’s often not the issue.

But if our lives were to be summed up into words, would it be what we had hoped we represent?


The truth is, sometimes the words we hope we represent require sacrifice of experiencing other things.

Dying to our flesh so that those words can come alive.

Surrendering to our desires so that His can be apparent in our lives.

Loving others who do not always love us back so that we can show His love.

Bumper stickers, if you think about it, are a good example to use in our lives because the reality is: we were made for one purpose.

Our purpose if to exalt and glorify The One who made us.

We are banner carriers.

We are called to live in a way that others may think is “weird” or “different” because  it is then that they wonder, “I wonder what makes them that way?”

Our “bumper stickers” are apparent without us having to open our mouths because our lives show that we live for something beyond ourselves.

Be real with yourself: What do you want your bumper stickers to say?

Now answer with this: What do your daily actions say?

Do they match?

Now friend, do we always line up and do the right thing? NO WAY.

But that is when His grace saves us, dusts us off, cleans our windshield and says, “You’re redeemed, my child! I am proud that you represent Me. Now go spread my Love to others!”

But remember what we said about 10 advil?!

Well, same goes here.

You can’t just have Jesus as a small bumper sticker on your window of artistic representations of yourself.

When something is so crowded, the message is often lost.

He is everything!

He is the only banner that matters.

He is the only bumper sticker that saves.

And He is contagious!

Want to change the world?

Get in your car, let Him be the bumper sticker you represent and travel in a way that shows you have not forgotten what your back window says.

Praying for you!

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” -2 Corinthians 5:20

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