Burnt Macaroni vs. Linguini

I saw a new show for the first time the other day called, “The Worst Cooks in America.”  Also, I realize it first aired in 2010, but apparently I missed the memo.

It is literally a show composed of the sixteen worst cooks in America , in which they partake in an eight-week culinary boot camp to earn a cash prize of $25,000.

These terrible cooks are placed on a team with a world-renowned chef and learn the art of cooking to the best of their ability.


Each of them had to make one specific dish that they felt was their best dish and make it to the best of their ability.

One chick made “granola fruit mash-up”.

One guy almost threw up after eating his own food.

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen the show, or at least the first episode, it’s worth watching.

But on a side note, this got me thinking.

What if everyone did this with their weaknesses?

What if we stopped taking things so personally and saw our weaknesses as an area in which we could learn from someone who knew this was their strength?

Because the fact of the matter is: We ALL have weaknesses.

Some things just simply do NOT click with some people.

We are always told to focus on our strengths and our gifts and I am in total agreement of that.

BUT I do not think that means we should avoid the things that challenge us. Or put us in a position to learn from someone else who better understands.

Like these cooks- they were hilarious! And obviously by signing up for this show, they were allowing themselves to laugh at their inabilities and work on improving themselves.

Simple logic tells you that if you continually avoid something rather than confront it, it will remain the way it was before.

Your weakness will remain your weakness.

But if you decide to work on that, while yes, it may always be a “weakness”, but you have tried. And chances are, you will improve.

Determination to improve a weakness may actually end up being a strength!

What’s the worst that can happen? Seriously!

Don’t take yourself too seriously- laugh at your burnt macaroni and cheese and keep on moving.

Just like exercise, the less you strengthen a muscle, the weaker it becomes.

The same goes with life.

So let’s agree to talk about our weaknesses and work to learn from those around us!

Some may end up with burnt macaroni. 

Some may end up with linguini.

What is one person’s burnt macaroni is another’s linguini, and vice versa!

BUT we can all boil water. So, let’s start there! 

And if you burn the macaroni? Just Kraft it up again

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