But Lord, I have so little.

Don’t we find ourselves here so often? Hearing Him call but fearing we are not equipped? Watching Him take our hand into unchartered waters as we plead, “But Lord, did you not see me fall before?”

We are not the first to doubt Him. Do you remember when God used a BURNING BUSH to get Moses’ attention? He legit showed up, clear as a bell, and asked him to lead His people out of Egypt. (I feel like a burning bush is rather convincing, mind you.)

And Moses, being such a human, pleaded with the Lord- “I am NOBODY! How can I go…” (Exodus 3:11) As the Lord reassured him, he continued to contest his ability. In His grace, the Lord explained to Him His plan, how He would handle every single detail along the way, He just needed Moses to show up.

Oh man, how often are we Moses? We focus on where we lack, what we don’t have, the mistake we made, how insufficient our qualities are…and we miss it.

Y’all if Jesus wanted the perfect candidate for any assignment, we would never be chosen. But our frailty is His goldmine. It is His favorite. Because when we realize our state of weakness, we are forced to gather strength from the Source. When we understand the lack of growth and life apart from the Vine, we return to Him.

And that? That is the purpose of it all.

Your little, your two loaves of bread, it will be PLENTY. Will you trust what you HAVE into His hands?

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” -Exodus 14:14


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