By Cleere Cherry on 2016-10-01

You know those days when you really allow yourself to stay within the constraints of those 24 hours and it feels like the biggest breath of fresh air?

Let yourself do that today! Actually, don’t just let yourself, MAKE yourself. Be intentional about how you’re spending your time, where your letting your thoughts travel, who you’re spending it with and how it’s sewing into your tomorrow.

You have a football Saturday planned? GOOD. Be there! Have FUN! Laugh. Eat queso. Don’t wish you were somewhere else.

Sitting on your couch reading a new book?! GREAT! Soak it in. Don’t halfway read and halfway be relishing on the fact that you aren’t on a trip to the islands cause you saw it on your IG feed. Let the words penetrate your heart and really understand what they mean.

You’re cleaning out the closet for fall?! FANTASTIC! That’ll feel so good. Simplifying and organizing always makes us feel better as we transition to a new season and just approach our everyday lives. Proud of you. Open the windows & listen to music while you work.

Basically, however you seize your day, be all there & be glad to be all there! If you feel like you’re wasting it– um, hello!– get up and do something else. Or relax. Or whatever you need to do.

Happy Saturday, friends


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