Call it what it is.

Call it what it is

So I was on the treadmill yesterday and in an effort to keep my legs moving, I was trying to find anything on that screen that was remotely entertaining. I landed on “Rachel Ray’s Kids Cook-Off” and started watching when I realized the person cooking was like three feet tall.

I thought surely these kids weren’t making these dishes alone, right? Oh, they were. Mind you, I pat myself on the back for making green bean casserole and these kids were whipping out these exquisite pasta dishes and out-of-this world pastries.

Anywho, what most caught my attention was how they referred to each and every kid contestant on the show- they called them “chef”.

After each contestant presented their dishes, Rachel would say “Well done, Chef!” When they were being introduced, it was “Chef Juliana”, “Chef Bob”, etc.

These kids ranged from 11-13 years old and they were ALL chefs. That is how they referred to themselves as, how the audience saw them and how the judges called them by name.

Do you know the power behind that? Seeing someone for who they already are because of their goals and dreams and skills, rather than only crediting them with that title once they achieve a certain level or receive an accolade?

I don’t mean to downplay the work that it takes to receive medals, accolades, honors and the high levels we all work so hard to achieve. However, I think that there is great power behind speaking life into someone and calling them what they HOPE to be- seeing their true potential.

Can you imagine the confidence boost that the contestant feels when Rachel Ray calls you “Chef _____”?

It’s like for me with my writing. I am always so hesitant to deem myself a writer. I will say that “I have written blah and blah” but I am terrified to call myself a writer.

Why? I presume because that comes with expectations and assumptions. And with those? The possibility of disappointment and failure.

LAWD JESUS, NO! We all know that will make you run!

But guess what? When these kids received feedback on their dishes, offering them ways to improve, it was not seen as “they failed”. It was seen as, “they created this dish to the best of their ability and now the next one will be EVEN BETTER!”

So you want to be a builder? You ARE a builder!

You love to paint but have not yet sold a painting? You ARE a painter!

You want to help the sick and care for the hurt? You ARE a nurse! Or a doctor! Or whatever the special name may be!

Disclaimer: I do NOT think a job defines you, by any stretch of the imagination. However, there is no doubt that we were wired with certain gifts, talents, character traits and dreams that lead us to pursue different professions. And the purpose behind EVERY profession is your true purpose- Jesus. No matter what you do.

Also, I realize that you can’t just get a job as a surgeon because you “want to be a surgeon” but I do know that getting to your goal is only possible if you believe in yourself to put one foot in front of the other.

I do know that speaking to someone’s potential gives them greater confidence to believe that they themselves are worthy of that calling.

I do know that whatever dream or goal or hopeful calling the Lord has etched into your heart, He has made you MORE than capable to far exceed any expectations set before you!

It takes hard work, discipline, passion and a daily decision to meet the goals we set for ourselves. But those are the branches. That all stems from the root in the belief that you CAN and WILL achieve that goal and that you ARE capable.

The belief that you can.

Because He said you can.

And because you say you can.

The root is the determinant of how tall the tree grows. And failure is simply fertilizer to propel it higher.

So, I am a writer. There, I said it. No fancy certificates have been awarded, no book deals yet and no official documentation to deem me so, but thankfully in My Father’s book, those things aren’t necessary.

I believe in you! I believe that there is a vision in your mind, a dream in your heart and a desire in your bones to live this life ABUNDANTLY; to live wildly and recklessly pursuing the fire you feel on the inside.

Keep going! Keep cooking. Keep building. Keep designing. Keep studying.

But most of all, keep trusting that you are capable, worthy and equipped.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.” Psalm 138:8


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