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So, today is my birthday!

And can I tell you something?

Like an embarrassing confession?

Actually, forget I asked. It’s my birthday, I can ask questions if I want to

But seriously, birthdays have always made me nervous in a way.

As I have grown older, I have learned why they tend to make me slightly anxious.

What do people often do on birthdays?

Gather together and celebrate that person, right?

Affirm them! Tell them how much they are loved! Share moments and stories and memories that they’ve had together and look forward to future ones.

Well, for me, I honestly think I get nervous because I wonder if people will show up to celebrate me because I have a hard time celebrating myself.

(Can’t believe I am admitting this today, but I figured if I think this way, there has to be at least one other human that feels that way and I want them to read this post).

So naturally, when my birthday rolls around and everyone asks, “What are you doing to celebrate?”, I immediately start thinking of people and hoping that they will want to come to my party.

You see, when you were younger, birthday parties were the BOMB.

Know why? You didn’t plan them and therefore, if no one showed up, it was obviously the party planner’s fault.

But when you’re old and past the whole petting zoo thing, it starts gettin’ real!

But as I have grown older, I am continually learning the same lesson over and over and over and over again: Affirmation in Jesus is more than enough and He finds you worthy of being celebrated every single day.

Anybody else that joins the party? They are just icing on the cake!  (literally…well kinda).

You aren’t worried about other people affirming the fact that you are worth celebrating because you are confident in the Cross.

And it said it all: You. Are. Enough!

It’s so easy to become obsessed with quantity of friends over quality of friends.

Over number of likes on instagram versus the content of the picture.

Over the height of our popularity rather than the integrity of our character.

And our birthdays are no longer seen as a day to celebrate the fact that Jesus has graciously blessed you with another year but RATHER a day completely obsessed with “Tell me I am relevant!”, “Tell me I am worth celebrating!”, “Affirm me!”

And we literally set ourselves up to feel unworthy.

Can I tell you something?

Birthdays aside and all, you have GOT to be confident in the fact that you are celebrated by Jesus and His presence at your party is the only one that matters.

Do you have a friend that you just absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they will always have your back and be on your side and be present wherever you are, no matter WHAT?

It’s easy to take advantage of their presence sometimes.

Until you step back from all the chatter and take a deep breath and you are just SWAMPED in gratitude for that person!!!

I think we do that with Jesus all the time!

We get so used to hearing “Jesus says you are enough”, “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus has big plans for your life”, that we devalue the power behind His voice and His presence in our lives.

But the reality is this: The only way you will every truly understand how much you are celebrated and loved is when you focus and accept the only true affirmation your soul craves and you LISTEN, and I mean really listen, to the voice your heart was woven to believe.

When you seek His affirmation and you walk in the identity Christ has for you, security is inevitable.

You receive such deep reassurance, it revolutionizes your life.

Confidence is commanded.

And anything additional is just honey poured over top an already decorated sundae- it is extra.

So, I guess, I want to just encourage you- birthday or regular day or whatever- you are so special.

You really are.

And you are absolutely worth celebrating.

In fact, the King of Kings found you were dying for soooo….that’s a pretty solid vote of confidence.

And you are just awesome! You are!

But I can’t just tell you that, you must believe it and walk in it and trust it and live that truth.

And when you believe you are enough, when YOU believe that YOU are definitely worth celebrating, other people will believe so too.

It will change your whole world, my friend

And it makes birthdays, and everyday, a heck of a lot easier!

So, here’s to you! I celebrate you today and am praying you see yourself the way Jesus sees you – special and important and treasured.

Love you, friends!

“For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With His love, He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.” -Zephaniah 3:17

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