Center Stage.

In the spirit of the Academy Awards, I started reflecting on movies. I started thinking…Why do I love the movies so much? (I like them all. Seriously) What about them draws me in like no other? (I become very emotionally invested in all the characters. It is an issue I am currently working on). Why do I leave some feeling numb, as though I lost a loved one myself? Or so elated with joy as if the life presented in the movie was my very own?

Reflecting on all of the movies I have seen, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that movies make me feel, well, alive. Even though I simply sit in a dark cinema for two hours glued to the screen, my soul is running and my mind is being taken on an adventure. Sometimes, it is a sad movie that instigates those feelings you experienced in your own life, allowing such sadness to re-create itself inside your heart. Other times, the character experiences such a life-triumphing joy and beats the odds and boy does it feel good!!! It is like you yourself climbed that mountain.

Movies pull on our heartstrings. Movies make us realize certain dreams we have within our souls. Movies expose cultures that we have never seen with our own eyes. Movies expose the real difficulties and tragedies we see and don’t see. Movies reveal the incredible opportunities that many of us do not even know exist. Movies provide us with a relatable journey, outside of our own, that often makes our own lives feel, well, normal. Movies INVITE us in, tell us a story and leave us imagining what else is next. And our dreams that very night after vising the Regal Grande involve the character we just saw partaking in a new adventure that we create ourselves…once again proving that no scene is final.

I think it is no mistake that movies have always been a popular past-time in our culture. They make us feel vulnerable, but okay about it. They make us feel strong and empowered while still being realistic about our weaknesses. They recognize both the human and the hero inside us all. They remind us of the passion we should have for life, the tenderness we should have with others and the grace we should have with ourselves. And while some are unrealistic or a little exaggerated, they allow our minds to wander and explore the “impossible.” As Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

So, while movies present the glamorous, remember they often show the process of the pebble becoming the pearl. The underdog often has a process in getting to the top. Even the best of them, well, they fall the hardest.

Do not be afraid to live life and make the movies your reality. After all, the best movies are the ones based off of true stories.

Your life is what you make of it. Are you proud of the character you play? If not, change the scenes, put on some lively music and show the world that your story is something everyone will want to watch! Remember that you have a chance to leave a legacy, a true story, and that is something that no one can mess with! So remind people what it feels like to be ALIVE, whatever emotion that turns out to be, and keep moving forward to the next scene. This movie DOES have a happy ending so have fun and be EXCITED that you were chosen to play this part!

If your life were a movie, what would the message be? What does your character believe in? Do they conquer or collapse? Do you inspire others to be “alive”?!

Think about it. It’s your moment to shine! Lights, Camera, Action! And…we’re rolling!

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