CHOOSE to Celebrate!

Everyday in elementary school, they used the say the SAME phrase over and over and over again.

You might have heard it. It goes a little something like this:

“Today can be a great day. The choice is yours.”

Back then, I heard it as just words and kept right along with whatever I was doing that day.

The phrase was just a bunch of words to be; a sentence; a combination of sounds.

But as of lately, I have been reminded of this phrase frequently and now see it as much more than words, but rather truth.

Let’s pick it apart, shall we?

Today can be a great day.

Today- the current hour that I am writing and the one in which you are reading in- is full of possibilities.

Who knows what the day can bring?! It’s only 10:15 in the morning (11:15 Eastern time), and the whole day is ahead of us.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” –Psalm 118:24

The above translation is the English Standard Version. But I particularly like The Message translation of this verse:

“This is the very day God acted— let’s celebrate and be festive!” –Psalm 118:24

I like this version because it reminds me that having a great day is a verb. It is an action, or a series of actions on my part, in which involve celebrating the fact that we have another day to live!

Going back to the original saying- “Today can be a great day. The CHOICE is yours.”

Why is it a choice?

Because our days are full of the choices that we make.

Yes, we have obligations and commitments, but how we approach those are also a choice.

This may sound like a bunch of circular reasoning, but I guess it sounds that way because it is.

Today is a great day.

IF you act like it is.

IF your series of choices throughout the day reflect that you are thankful for the time you’re given!

IF you remain grateful that the Lord has blessed you with another chance to breathe in the spring air and be alive!

I started reflecting on the past month of my life and the events that have occurred, the relationships that have blossomed and the path in which I seem to be walking down.

It is quite obvious, when taking the time to actually reflect on such things, that the areas of your life are composed of many different choices; some positive and some negative.

Some choices lead us to where we want to go.

Others lead us astray.

Some choices make us feel happy during the moment and ashamed the following day.

Some choices glorify God and others…well, they simply do not.

Now, I am not saying that this life is completely under our control. We serve a God is sovereign and always in control, no matter how we deceive ourselves.

But He is also is a just, caring and SWEET God, to the point where He allows us to have free will and to make choices that will either positively affect our lives or negatively guide our days.

I am held accountable by this realization but more importantly- I am HOPEFUL when hearing this phrase!

Are there things in your life that need changing?

Is there a direction you need to go but are afraid to take?

Or maybe, you just need to be a little more appreciative of your days?

Cliché possibly, but straight up truth: Today CAN be a GREAT day! The CHOICE is YOURS.

Like Psalm 118:24 says, CELEBRATE it!

You’re alive and loved by the most High God and that, my friend, is something worth having a party for!  

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