Comfort of the Comma.



Can you imagine receiving this text message from your dad?


Getting a divorce vs. going to Disney?

Slightlyyyyy different situations.

Anywho, I am sure we have all experience the power of auto-correct.

It’s ingenius, genius self attempts to correct our words and grammar; sometimes coming in clutch with the spelling save and other times brutally messing up the entire point of our message aka the above.

Well, I started thinking about this specifically today when I heard someone say, “Where we put a period, God puts a comma.”

This was in reference to the fact that in our lives, we often face extremely difficult circumstances, addictions, feelings of hopelessness and just utter walls of disappointment where we wonder…

Can I get past this?

We start to become weak in our insecurities, questionable about our worth and second-guessing our abilities and then we do it: we put a PERIOD.

We, in our fleshly fear, cut ourselves off because failure seems far too eminent to our small, fragile minds.

But you see, this is where the power of auto-correct comes into play.

I can’t.  with Jesus.

Jesus, being the only version of auto-correct that always knows what we are thinking, steps into the picture and says…

Remove the t.

Cross out the period.

You can do it IF YOU HAVE FAITH.

We type: I am hopeless.

Jesus/Auto-correct: I am hopeless, but Jesus.

But Jesus.

He is the exception to every single circumstance that we face.

When we feel as though our circumstances have outdone us or that our situations are simply too difficult to overcome, we are reminded of a deep and eternal truth: Jesus.

When we are writing our stories, we often put periods for different reasons.

Maybe it’s your insecurity, your addiction, your fear, your family issues—whatever it may be, for some reason, you feel as though the chapter is too full of pain or too packed with mistakes to reach redemption.

But, Jesus.

He steps in, picks up the pencil, erases your period, replaces it with a comma and says, “Hopeless? Beloved, you have an ever-present hope that can not be destroyed. Keep writing.”

That’s the beauty of Jesus.

He lets us write freely.

Completely and whole-heartedly aware that we will make so many mistakes, one after the other, and that soon after, we will hang our heads, believing that the character in our story is simply too hopeless to have a part in the homecoming of the ultimate hero.

And THAT is when the hero Himself steps in and reminds us that periods are for those who do not have faith.

But those that believe in Jesus can peacefully rest in the comfort of the comma.

Because no matter what you have done in the recent chapter of your book, your story is not determined by your bravery.

It is continued by the courageousness of your Creator.

And He loves you.

And commas.

So, erase your period.

Believe that your hope is not dependent on your circumstance, it is assured by Your creator.

LOVE you friends! Praying you have the best Monday!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” -Romans 15:13

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