Commit. Just Do It.

August 09, 2012

Wow. Been a while.

 I have missed writing. A lot. And want to hit myself for getting away from it so easily simply because I’ve been busy.

Busy with what you might ask? Life. It really does tend to get in the way sometimes. 

As I began my new job yesterday, which I am SUPER thankful for and undeserving of, I was reminded of the important of being committed to something.

The first thing that popped in my head? Writing. So, I promised myself I would start writing yesterday.

I already failed. Life got in the way, once again. UGH.

Actually, the reality is I just did not follow through on my commitment and disappointed myself.  Because the thing is, I could’ve written a paragraph.  A sentence.  A word- “busy” – for goodness sakes! Anything!

However, I re-committed myself today to getting back to me. I love to write and it makes me feel better. It’s like cheap therapy so thanks for being a part of it!

The reality is, you will ALWAYS have a to-do list.

You will always be busy. 

You will always always have days when you are completely and utterly exhausted.

Work will be intense.

Friends will make it an emotionally difficult day sometimes.

Family can take up every free moment you have.

Life will get in the way. That, I can promise you.  However, I can also promise you that God rewards commitment.  It goes hand in hand with obedience and it requires time, energy and investment. 

The reality is the rewards are not always immediate but that is one more day you can check off your list that you stayed committed to something. It feels DARN good if you haven’t tried it before.

So, as I start this journey as well, I encourage you to commit or re-commit yourself to something you promised yourself you would do or something that you know is necessary 

Maybe you promised yourself you ‘d start eating healthy…starting tomorrow.

Or reading the Bible….starting tomorrow.

Or praying for someone daily…. starting tomorrow

Or keeping track of your days in a planner…starting tomorrow.


No matter what it is, adding or removing something from your daily routine requires COMMITMENT.

It’s not always fun. Nor easy. Nor exciting. Nor effortless. None of that!

 But worth it? You better believe it.

Like Nike says, “Just do it.” 

Do it today. Tomorrow. And next week. Stay committed. 

“Roll your works upon the Lord, commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and so shall your plans be established and succeed.” -Proverbs 16:3

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