Crazy Love.

I have been reflecting on something the past couple of days that I know I will never grasp, nor has anyone been able to actually understand.

God’s love.

I think it is one of those things that you hear growing up, people say it non-chalantly and so it just seems…normal. Like, the normal, “l love you” type of love.

But it is so much GREATER.

As I start to think about my past experiences, it makes no sense as to why God provided for me in so many occasions. Or why He refused to listen to my stubbornness because He knew that I didn’t even know what was good for me.

His love is irrational. It makes NO sense as to why a perfect God would yearn to have a relationship with such imperfect people.

His love is unconditional. Come as you are, He says. Literally, JUST LIKE THAT. He finds us flawless. That is insane to me.

His love is perfect. It is the most tender yet bold and powerful love that ever existed and ever will exist. It is the perfect puzzle piece to a tarnished heart because it can make anything whole.

His love is unwavering. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. Because nothing in this temporary life is comparable, it is hard to fully grasp this concept. But it is constant, 100% pure love, no matter the circumstances.

His love is selfless. I think as humans, we tend to define our “ability to love” based on another individual’s ability “to be loved.” But God’s love? It has nothing to do with us or our disobedience or mistakes. It is a radical love that selflessly gives without expecting anything in return.

His love is transformational. It is impossible to truly feel the love of God and remain the same. It changes your entire world when you realize who holds the world. This life-altering love is a “change your world upside down” kinda love.

I can’t get enough of His love and I am SO glad there is more than enough to go around.

You were created because of God’s love with the intention to experience His love and then shout it from the mountain tops!

Romeo has NOTHIN’ on God because this kinda love is simply one of a kind.

Crazy Love. It’s the best.

“God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.” -Augustine

“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” -Psalm 63:3

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