Discern the Demands

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It’s a new week, friends!

Last week is history. So whatever you didn’t do, whatever habits you didn’t implement, wherever you messed up- it’s dead and gone! Got it?

We are starting fresh, ready to conquer what is on our plate for TODAY! Then, as we discipline ourselves today, tomorrow will come and we will do the same.

Let’s say “yes” to what we know He is calling us to so that we may say “no” to what isn’t ours to handle this week. If you over promise, you under deliver. Give yourself margin so that you can give your best and be a person of excellence!

And when you mess up today, (which you will because you’re covered in flesh and that’s just what we do), don’t let it sabotage your whole day. Pick yourself up & start again.

This week, let’s challenge ourselves to discern what is truly important and worthy of our time and energy. That is the first step and we need the Lord’s help on this. If it is up to me and my people-pleasing ways, every knock at the door seems urgent and “No” doesn’t seem like a justifiable answer.

That’s why I need Jesus. Can you imagine how much demand he felt as he walked this earth? And the requests were not like, “Hey Jesus, can you help me edit this paper?” It was more like “Hey Jesus, my brother is dead. Can you revive him?”

While every heart was heard, He had to also decipher through the demands in the moment and discern where His father wanted his attention.

But how did He do it? How could one possibly manage to satisfy everyone all at once?

He didn’t. He only tried to satisfy One–His father. With His eyes fixed on Him, His focus forward and His heart completely in tune with the One above, He let Him discern the demands. As He directed, Jesus followed. He trusted that the Lord knew what was urgent and He let Him determine his schedule.

Can we follow in Jesus’ example? We know so little and our picture is so skewed, continually filtered by our selfish intentions, manipulative ways and sinful desires. Our only shot at mastering this day is surrendering to the Master–right?

Our time is His so let’s be intentional with handing it over and trusting Him along the way.

We got this!!! Monday, IT IS ON!



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