Don’t be so offended, it’s not about you.

Oh man, I seem to forget this ALL. THE. TIME.

Think about just today- or maybe just this week- has something offended you? Maybe it was the words a family member said that poured salt on a wound? Maybe it was the Facebook status that really hit home with something you strongly believe in? Maybe it was just what you’re going through that you feel like you’ve been hand-picked to just get hit hard and you’re offended in general?

We are a DEFENSIVE generation, aren’t we? Because we often think the world revolves around us, we assume that when someone responds or reacts to us, it is a direct representation of how they feel about us, right?

We receive these responses and then we spend our time defending ourselves, explaining why we are offended and gathering bricks to build up our wall.

But what if….what if it isn’t about you? What if what they said was rooted in their fear and their insecurity? What if how they responded was grounded in their own issues, ones they aren’t even aware of? What if they lashed out on you only because they feel like life has lashed out on them?

I’m not saying that our feelings are not justified, nor am I condoning treating anyone with disrespect or tolerating such on a continual basis but what am I saying is this: Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.

You are responsible for what you receive, what you replace, what you reject and how you respond. Do yourself a favor and don’t just take things at surface value– operate in some maturity and move on.
What’s directed towards you isn’t always (or hardly at all) about you.

Drop those walls, peeps. It’s really hard to serve and keep doing what you need to do if you’re so busy protecting yourself.

“A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to His glory to overlook an offense.” -Proverbs 19:11


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