Don’t forget your wings.

Can i just ask an honest question? Does anyone feel like their brain is about two fiery neurons away from shooting itself straight to the looney bin?

Just me? Cool. Totally fine. I’ll proceed since its out there in the open anyway.

Not even kidding, this was my brain yesterday:

“I am so tired. Why didn’t I shut off last night when I had the chance?”

“I’m going to start that new sleep pattern. And use lavender oils. I heard those help.”

“I’m hungry. How is it only 10AM?”

“Patience. Jesus, I sucked at that yesterday. Can you give me an extra dosage today? Feel like it’ll come in handy.”

“OMG!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! I hate technology.”

(**notice the .6 milliseconds in between those two contradictory thoughts above**)

“Transition is tough. Wow. Life really does go by quickly. I’m thankful for Jesus. How in the WORLD do people do anything without Him? Seriously. I ride the struggle bus all the time and I have Him.”

“Why am I feeling anxious?”

“Cleere. Didn’t you just remind yourself life goes by quickly? Why are you anxious about the future? You have got to stop doing this.”

“Omg. I love life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really am so thankful.”

EMOTIONS, man. They are mood-killers or mood-enhancers. They either catalyze or paralyze us, painting our perspective with whatever we choose to believe for that day.

But you know what Jesus does? After He lets us ride the crazy train for a little bit (or as long as we choose to stay on that stupid, noisy thing), He softly nudges us and says, “will you see it from My perspective?”

And in His infinite mercy and crazy grace, He puts a little pair of angel wings on us and lets us rise above our situation.

And there? The mountains are much smaller. The promises are always more apparent than the pain. The beauty- of simply everything- leaves us in awe.

In a sheer, “Why do you love me this much?” Kind of feeling, our hearts regain their correct posture.

Because that’s the thing: when we elevate our eyes, we elevate our lives.

It’s never so bad when we focus on How He is so good.

Chances are, if you’re feeling defeated, you’ve forgotten your wings.

If you’re feeling fearful, you’ve forgotten your wings.

If you’re feeling lonely, you’ve forgotten your wings.

If you’re feeling empty, you’ve forgotten your wings.

If you’re feeling rejected, you’ve forgotten your wings.

I’m not downplaying the curveballs thrown your way, the tragedy that has knocked on your door or the pain that you’ve sifted through and risen above.

I’m simply highlighting what is greater- your wings.

You, my friend, have always risen above.

So, talk to your Heavenly Father! Ask Him for His perspective! Those wings? They’re inherently YOURS. No kidding!!!!! That’s just another gift you receive through being a child of the King. Pretty flippin’ awesome.

Thank you Jesus for superceding our crazy and permeating our lives with PEACE that comes from your perspective. Help us remove the magnifying glass and instead, use our wings. Life from your angle is simply the sweetest.

“Do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight, preserve sound judgment and discretion; they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck.Then you will go on your way in safety and your foot will not stumble.” -Proverbs 3:21-23

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