Don’t make sense.

February 18, 2013

Don’t make sense. I realize that title seems a little…odd maybe?

Let me explain.

In our world today, Christians spend an average of ten minutes reading the Bible yet they spend an average of four hours watching TV.

We could name off every girl on season 17 of the Bachelor yet we can’t name off Jesus’ 12 disciples. Or at least 6 of them.

We memorize song lyrics yet we treat memorizing one Bible verse like….an Emily Dickinson novel.

We spend time designing additions to our home when millions of our brothers and sisters have absolutely no source of shelter.

We fight over our preference of food and not getting what we “like” when billions of people are starving to death.

I say these things not because I am exempt, but rather because we ALL are guilty!

I would venture to say that many of us who claim to know this person called Jesus, the One whom transforms lives, yet we live in the SAME way, and often more self-righteous than we did before we met Jesus.

When those who do not know Jesus look at our lives, at our decisions, at our daily actions- THEY MAKE SENSE!

We spend our money how they do.

We gossip as they do.

We love, with circumstances, as they do.

We forgive, depending upon the person and the situation, as they do.

We live comfortably as they do.

We socialize with those in our circle, as they do.

We give what we want to, what we can afford to while still getting what we want, as they do.

Why aren’t we any different?

Look- I am certainly not trying to make it like “they do this” and “we do this” because essentially, we were ALL made by the same God!

However, it is absolutely crazy that those who know Jesus act the same as those who don’t- OFTEN WORSE!

That quote that says – “You might be the only Jesus some people see”- that isn’t a threat.

That is the reality of our present day!

Think about this: If you were to talk about this organization that was so awesome and giving and has taught you so much about life YET you didn’t give any more of your money than you did before, you were stingy with your time and your life didn’t reflect this learned knowledge- wouldn’t it reflect on that organization?

 I think sometimes we don’t realize the responsibility and duty that is ours as believers.

We aren’t called to be the light in the dark places if it is convenient. We are called to be the light because we know the Light and He helped us.

We are called to make disciples of all nations, not simply those that are near, have perfect sanitary conditions or healthy circumstances. ALL nations.

Why? Because we have been discipled by the greatest servant of all.

I guess what I am saying is- If your life makes sense to those who do not know Jesus, you are doing something wrong.

You must love those who hurt you.

You must forgive those who’ve wronged you, over and over.

You must trust in His provision, no matter what the world says will be taken from you.

When you start to not make sense to them, they wonder what it is about you that’s different- what gives YOU that JOY?

Why are you always at peace?

Then they’ll realize…it’s Jesus.

Don’t make sense.

When you know Jesus, it makes sense to not make sense here. Get it?

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