Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it?” Well…be careful what you wish for. Seriously. I was thinking, “What if I ran out of things to write about?” (Which is such a stupid thought considering life happens and with that comes new experiences and lessons..and yeah, material will never be an issue.) BUT I kept thinking about it and just as I thought I wasn’t sure if I’d write a blog post today, I walk outside….

Nope. You can’t even begin to guess my story. I walked outside of the dry-cleaners and I notice my bumper is completely messed up and detached from my car. I don’t claim to be the most observant person but I certainly am not blind. I was so confused as to how ten minutes prior, everything was fine and dandy. Needless to say, my car had been hit by a woman as she was speeding out of the parking lot after stealing from the store beside the dry-cleaners I was at. She was stealing hair-weave, which I assure you is not THAT expensive, but hey, what do I know? Anyway, I wanted to cry and punch something at the same time. I thought, “Out of all of these cars, WHY MINE?!”

Immediately, the store owners from the surrounding stores, whom I had made friends with because I’ve dropped my dry-cleaning off there before, came out and helped me call the police and get everything settled. The dreadful call to my father also went way better than anticipated. As I got in my car, one of the restaurant owners who was helping me said, “It’s all good. Such is life, huh?”.

Yep, such is life. Very true.

He didn’t mean that in a sarcastic, “life is sucky” kinda way either. He meant, these kinds of things happen everyday, all the time. However, they simply aren’t everything. Cars can be fixed, period.

I came out of my self-pity vortex I had been hanging out in (I had even had a chair set up at this point and some cheetos out to snack on), packed up my things and pulled myself together.

And…there it is, right before my eyes, my material for the day. I told you to be careful what you wish for. But really, I needed to be reminded that life is simply too short to sweat the small stuff. Things happen and life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan. Let’s be real, it often doesn’t. Or I’d still have at least my bag of cheetos, a perfectly fixed car and I’d be asleep by now, but that is all besides the point. You just learn to adapt, to pick up the pieces and to not worry about things beyond your control.

While the brain can hold a lot of information, it is not meant to store but so much. You can’t harbor the stress of a million things going on that are outside of your control. You will officially become a nut. Believe me, I’ve tried and I even annoyed myself.

So, whether it be a small issue with a friendship, a test grade you didn’t do so hot on or a change in your schedule that throws a kink in your day, don’t let it steal your focus, your energy or all of your time! You can’t afford to let the small things put a dent in your bumper…No, really.

So, get up! Yep, you. Get up out of your worry rocking chair (keep your cheetos) and spend your day working on things you can control. Don’t sweat the small stuff!!! That’s your heavenly father’s job. Why are you all up in His business?

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