Drop the rope.

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Work hard and see the results.

Hey! Let yourself rest, you’re working too hard.

Train yourself to eat these healthy foods and you’ll lose the weight.

Hey! But don’t deprive yourself, you’re being too extreme.

Be wise and prepare for the future, setting goals you want to accomplish.

Hey! You only have today, let tomorrow’s troubles stay in tomorrow.

Give them grace; their journey is different than yours.

Hey! Don’t be a people-pleaser though, you still must stand firm.

Save your money because something might come up.

Hey! Be generous! You were blessed to be a blessing.


Back and forth.

Hot and cold.

Balance- don’t you find that it’s more difficult to attain than anything?

We are constantly advised to do this and do that, that eventually it becomes a tug-of-war.

And in tug-of-war, someone is always winning.

The strain is on one side and the strength is on the other and balance is nearly impossible.

Quick question: Do they declare a “tie” in war?


Tug-of-war is no different. One side wins and in this case, one area of your life receives attention and the other doesn’t.

I have found in my own life that this whole balancing act is tough business.

Say you spend your whole day 8-5 working hard.

Then you come home and you were supposed to meet a friend but you are just TOO tired.

So you watch a show and can’t seem to get un-horizontal because you are just totally DRAINED.

Then it’s bed time so off you go!

And that gym date?  You feel like you would physically fall off if you’re feet stepped on a treadmill at this point.

And there it goes.

You feel all out of wack!!!

And just like that, your balance is off.

That’s one tiny example but do you see how easy it is for one thing to throw our whole day off balance and possibly shift our entire week?!

We are encouraged to have balance because we need those different elements in our lives.

Our brain does not exist and function solely alone; it is part of our entire body which is designed to have BALANCE.

But what should you do when you just can’t seem to find it?

You drop the rope.


Yes, I said it. YOU DROP THE ROPE.


Stop trying so hard.

Give the rope to Jesus and let Him do His thing.

The real fact of the matter is, we aren’t very good at doing this whole life thing without Him.

We make idols of things that don’t deserve our time and we shorthand the things that do.

We desperately need a Savior who will pull our feet out of the mud and heal our hands from the rope burn.

I know it feels strange to just give up like that, or backwards of me to encourage you to let go.

But as humans, isn’t that the most difficult and powerful thing we can do?

To give up control of our lives when that is the thing we seek most to attain?

I think so.

It’s necessary.

True balance comes in the form of surrender.

No matter if you plan out every hour of your day, you, alone, will always tug the rope a tad too far.

Sorry, you’re just not that good bro.

So, drop the rope.


The beauty of this is that when you honestly and whole-heatedly surrender your day to him, no matter how it feels, He is in control of the rope and He has the whole entire world in His hands.

Happy Sunday y’all!

Praying you are reminded that lasting victory requires complete surrender.

“And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” -Psalm 50:15

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