Embracing the Season

With the cold weather sorta, kinda,  alittle bit (I am in Texas) coming into the picture, I started reflecting on the different seasons that we pass through during the year.

Winter, Spring, Fall, and Summer. All of them are so different, others being more favorable than others, depending on what kind of conditions you like.

But it’s okay, you know you’ll last…because it’s just a season. It will pass and others will come.

Isn’t life the same way?

Looking back on my life, I have gone through so many different seasons.

There are many factors that affected these “seasons”  in my life. Some were old boyfriends, some were past insecurities, some were strained friendships and others were seasons of growth and breakthroughs.

I think there were so many times in which I was terrified to let go of something or someone, because it had been with me or a part of my life for so long.

Looking back? It seems much shorter, like a season that I had to pass through to get to where I am today.

That internship that I thought I was going to DIE if I attended one more day? Yeahhhh, still alive!

That boyfriend (can’t believe I’m admitting this in writing) that I planned my future kids with and thought I was going to lose my left leg and sanity when we broke up? Yep, still here!

Seasons often seem much longer and dreadful when you are in the middle of them but looking back, they become just a patch in the quilt.

Let me explain…

Friendships are a wonderful example. We all start off elementary school and middle school with the same group of friends. Then, in highschool, some of them part ways and become our rivals and we see them less, therefore creating a new circle of best friends and losing grip on our old ones. Then college rolls around, distance makes its way in the picture and time gets the best of everyone…and, well, certain friends start to feel more like acquantainces and life goes on.

No one did anything “wrong.” Nothing in particular happened.

Your friendship? It was perfect, for a season. It doesn’t have to feel like a loss, as it was exactly what you needed when you were at a different point in your life, but now? Things are a little different and the circumstances have changed.

Some seasons in life are characterized by abundant success and new connections with your career.

Some are characterized by tragedy and heartache and the sun just seems a little less bright during those days.

Some are periods of personal growth and development, in which you realize what your goals and your dreams are and you gain the confidence to pursue them.

Some are…let’s be honest….seasons where you learn what you do not want in a husband/wife.

Just bein’ real.

Truly though, I think it is crucial to look back on these times in our life and remind ourselves that seasons are natural and they are inevitable.

Friendships and relationships change.

Distance can cause disconnect.

Life throws you curveballs, sometimes you swing and miss and sometimes you hit the sweet spot.

But either way, you can’t be afraid to step up to the plate. Because as life has shown you over and over again, seasons will pass you by and you will look back and wished that you could’ve had the perspective that you have now.

Do not spend summertime wishing it was fall or do not spend winter wishing it was summer.

Rest assured, no matter how difficult the season you are in-it WILL pass.

Cherish the difficulties, the struggles, the breakdowns and the closed doors- they are not life’s way of telling you to quit. I assure you, they are God’s way of telling you He has something else in store…perhaps for another season.

 Choose to grow, to pursue and to seek Jesus during this season of your life. He is the reason for the season….every season

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