Evaluation Time–Don’t Panic

February 9th? Already?

(insert crying face emoji here).

How was your January? Have you already given up on your New Years Resolutions? Life has kinda caught up with you, hasn’t it?

Evaluation. Ah. The word used (past tense , most of the time) to give me hives when coming out of my supervisor’s mouth. In my head, the notice for an evaluation was equivalent to the opportunity to tell me what I was doing wrong. So, naturally, I would mentally prepare myself and try to think of any and everything they could say to me so that I wasn’t surprised.

Much to my surprise, many times it was just the opportunity to commend me on my dedication or hard work. While I was waiting for the catch 22, there was often no catch 22!

Yes, there was criticism involved but the kind that screamed, “HEY. I believe in you or I wouldn’t be taking the time to say all of this!”. Not to mention, if someone decides to stop investing in your future, which requires being honest about what can be worked on or needs to be changed, then you better go ahead and polish up that resume, right?!

Don’t we all kinda run for the hills around evaluation time though? We have lost sight of the basis of an evaluation– to improve, to better serve, to further educate, to constructively lead, to invest in, to provide framework for moving forward!

Y’all, despite our crazy mental case selves, we all want evaluation. And gosh knows, we desperately need it! So let’s do ourselves a favor and take some time to reflect on 2017 thus far.

Give yourself some brownie points and think of ways, even tiny itty bitty ones, in which you’ve offered a deviation from the norm.

Got them? Okay, good. PROUD OF YOU. Celebrate those wins! Super small victories? Who cares. That’s awesome!

And then think about those areas that really deserve some attention. Be intentional with those. Wouldn’t you hate to reach the end of 2017 and realize you let so much of it go to waste?

Let’s be TODAY who our TOMORROW selves will thank us for, okay?

“Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.” -Proverbs 12:11


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