Experience the “stupid good.”

July 22, 2013


While on the way to work today, I took a bit of a different route in my poor attempt to dodge traffic on the tollway (ended up in more traffic) but that’s besides the point.

Anywho, I pass a pediatric care facility and noticed the entrance and exit doors immediately.

On the entrance door was a frowny face and a big sign that said, “sick.”

On the exit door was a happy face and a big sign that said, “well.”

Perhaps the “well” sign was a little premature since we have to take the medicine we are prescribed before the well process takes place, but you get the point.

Immediately, my brain started thinking about how similar this illustration is to what happens when we accept Christ into our lives.

And frankly, a direct picture of our daily lives.

We come in his doors extremely sick, helpless and searching for the answer.

We leave a completely new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! We are WELL!

That easy?!?!

No way.

Yes, that easy.

You know those emails that you receive that say, “CONGRATS! YOU’RE A WINNER, CLEERE! YOU’VE BEEN PICKED TO WIN $500,000 IF YOU COMPLETE THE BELOW SURVEY!!!”


Yeah, right.

Maybe if the survey includes amputating my right leg, hopping to Australia with just the left leg and letting you know how it went. PULEASE, I wish it was that easy to strike gold.

Too good to be true.

In fact, I am going to use a phrase my brothers use- “stupid good.”

Like to the point where something is SUCH a good deal, the other person is stupid for agreeing to it or you’re stupid for not taking it!

No, Jesus is not stupid.

But what I am saying is that His grace and His love IS too good to be true.

But it is offered freely anyway.

We continue to make the same mistakes and revert to our doubt-filled mindsets that constantly make us second-guess our identity and remain stubborn when we KNOW that our pride is keeping us from experiencing the “stupid good.”

But guess what?

He wipes our slate clean every single day.

He knows we walk in the “sick” door with nothing to give but our sleep deprived, useless, sickly selves.


So He renews our hearts, purifies our soul, gives us a shot of His love (which is available in ample supply) and we get to leave the exit door, “well.”

I’d say that’s pretty “stupid good.”

He is the Great Physician.

Miracles are His nature, Healing is His specialty and Curing us is why He died.

You, my friend, will continue to wear that frowny face until you allow yourself to sit beside your daddy, let the stethoscope touch your chest and remind your heart that you have been redeemed.

You are WELL.

Accept it, walk in it, and experience the “stupid good” life.

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” -2 Corinthians 4:16

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