Fail-proof DIY Craft

When making a DIY craft, there are two essential things you must look at before deciding if the craft is actually something you can follow through with, unless of course you are already Martha Stewart or you have a massive craft bin that fits most Pinterest crafts already.

These two areas include “Need” and “Do”. The need part includes what ingredients or materials you will need. 

And of course the ever-present “do”. This is obviously the steps that are required to create the end product or result– the masterpiece. 

It’s funny how often the craft section is often the inspiration for the humor section, ya know, the ones that go a little something like this:



Looks just like the Cookie Monster, yeah?




See what I mean?

But still! it’s fun! And exciting! And inspiring! And it feels GOOD to just do something instead of “pinning” everything. Ya feel me?!

Anywho, it made me realize that when we look at life, our “to-do lists” are often created and inspired by one ultimate to-do list:

Need: more…perfection…everything

Do: My dream in life.

Aka we need to become our “perfect selves” in order to do what we were created to do! We MUST have our perfect lives in order to be what God, intended!



(Insert whichever E-card of your choice here: preferably one insinuating stupidity/ridiculousness).

That is SO wrong.

But I think it…you think it…we all do.

The world wants us to think that! The advertisers LIVE off (literally) us thinking that we need that “next best thing” to fulfill our lives and pursue our dreams.

Because THEN, then we will have made it and we can begin!

But you know who enjoys it most? Satan.

Not trying to over-spiritualize this very simple principle or make it something it is not.

What I am trying to say is this: In order to create this masterpiece of a life, you have all that you need.

Your Pinterest craft isn’t missing ingredients or materials; nor is it missing a skill-set that you lack.

It’s missing you. 

Let me re-create your Pinterest craft of the day/week/year- you ready?



It will be nothing short of extraordinary and it is fail-proof. Trust me.

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