Friendly People Change the World.



You would think that after as many times as God has surprised me in funny ways, I would get used to it, right?


I still am in awe of His goodness and mysterious ways.

So, early this morning, I was at Starbucks getting some work done and I started to think about my goals/website/everything.

Basically, I started to get discouraged thinking about how long it takes to really build a following and just wondered if it was all worth it.

Before you think this: It is not about the number of subscribers to me.  Absolutely not.

But naturally, when you work hard at something and you feel like you want others to hear it, it is frustrating to try and figure out how to spread the word.

Anywho, so I am sitting there, drinking my coffee (latte, duh) and this precious lady comes up and says hello.

Believe me, I am all about being friendly but this was a whole new level. She wasn’t even sitting up beside me and she came up to talk!

I was thinking: Either I look really pathetic and lonely or she is just super, super friendly.

So, we start talking and she started asking me what I was doing and just about my life.

She proceeded to ask me about my website and said, “I just wanted to tell you, I feel like you should know how awesome this is! You’re only 22? You’re going to change the world!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are TONS of people doing what I am doing and I’m not some crazy, awesome person.

But, at this exact moment, this encouragement was a HUGE answer to my prayer.

And it cut my brain off from jumping on the negative, self-pity train today. Thank goodness because that ride is so boring.

AND THEN another lady came up about ten minutes after my other new friend had left (I am questioning if I have a sign on my back that says , “I have no friends” at this point) and started talking to me!

She then too asks about my blog and said the SAME THING!

Two perfectly good strangers took their time to talk to me about Jesus and learn about me.


They say be careful what you pray for because He will give it to you.

No kidding to that.

Sometimes, we need a little nudge or a bit of encouragement to keep moving forward or just a positive smile to turn our day around.

So, if that is the case for you today, let me just tell you: You will change the world.

I mean that. You really can. It is totally possible with Jesus and just you. I pray you know that!

I am so thankful for my super friendly new friends. And if you are reading, THANK YOU! You rock and I hope I do the same for someone else at my next Starbucks trip.

But most of all, I am in awe and absolutely grateful for a God that knows even the smallest desires and needs of my heart and never overlooks them.


Be friendly.

Encourage those around you. Strangers, too.

Know that you will move mountains.

Ask God for encouragement when you need it.

Don’t be afraid to pray for what’s really on your mind!

OH, and be ready for God to rock your world, even in Starbucks.

I am convinced friendly people change the world.

Praying for your day, friends

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