Get to Cookin’!


Oh yeah, here we go. 

When I think about important qualities to have, I often undermine the importance of being consistent. Devoted to something.

Everytime my mother and I discuss writing, she has one piece of advice.

“Cleere, be consistent. Period. Until you do that, stop talking about it.”

She’s right. Unfortunately.

 Have you seen the movie, “Julie and Julia”? 

It’s about a woman named Julie Powell, who attempts to re-construct her life and decides that in order to really embrace her new culinary career, she must cook every one of Julia Child’s recipes, all 524 recipes in 365 days.

There is something about this movie that I always remember: No matter what was going on that day, no matter how many things she burned, no matter what-  she cooked everyday.

Without fail.

As time went on, she got better. 

Things came naturally.

After a few months, teaspoon measurements could be done blind-folded and taste-testing a dish became more gratifying with every recipe she cooked and every check mark she made.

In fact, after she got started and had a month under belt, it wasn’t even considered an option to NOT cook!

The more consistent she was, the more her goal of becoming a chef became possible.

Not only did she cook everyday, but she blogged her progress everyday as well.

The mishaps. The exciting recipes that turned out perfectly were documented, and those ones that, well, when the oven messed up, those were documented, too.

Yep, every single one.

With time, she had a following. People opened her blog, expecting the latest recipe to be available accompanied by a picture of the perfectly crisp casserole or charcoal flavored pork.

It showed the human side to a goal and the fact that experience is life’s greatest teacher. The good, the bad, and the ugly were all blog material.

And that in itself= GENIUS.

As I reflect on this movie, I realize Julie also has something that many others don’t when chasing a dream or pursuing a goal:

  1. A way to document her progress
  2. Accountability

Do you lost weight if you neglect to tell anyone your goal and the only thing that’s for dinner everynight is hamburgers and French fries?

I am pretty sure every weight loss show includes a weekly weigh-in to provide motivation for that individual, whether it is stimulated from a lack of progress before or from exceeding their expectations.

Not to be rambling, but as I am writing now, it is all clicking. 


You want to write a book? Write everyday. Make a way to document how often you write.

You want to lose weight? Make a gym schedule. One day a week ain’t gonna cut it sista friend. And tell somebody! I promise you when it is raining, you will NEED that reminder that it will pay off.

You want to make a 2100 on the SAT? Start studying daily. Tell your mother your goal- believe me, she WILL keep you accountable. 


Goals are usually set to help you pursue something that doesn’t come naturally with the course of your day. 

It requires extra time. And energy. And effort. And passion. And determination.

SO, here we go. 

I’m dedicating myself to writing a blog everyday for 40 days. 

If I’m tired, you might get a paragraph.

If I’m feelin’ good, you might get an Emily Dickens novel. 

Either way, it’s time to get to steppin’.

Putting an extra sticker in my planner for everyday I write and telling all of you for accountability (I realize I could totally be talking to myself here…)

You with me? Do you need to change something in your life?  Or actually chase a dream you’ve been “thinking about” for a year?

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Get an apron on and get to cookin’, friend.

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