Go against yourself.

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Man, have I been learning this truth over and over!

What does it mean to live a life of faith?

Loaded question, I know. But as I venture through this particular year, I am realizing more and more that living a life of faith is hard. Like, real hard.

Not because there isn’t grace for every mistake or because perfection is the expectation (automatic fail!), but rather because my mind and body often naturally go for the option that keeps me spiritually stagnant but safe in the eyes of the world.

Now, do I think that if you follow Jesus, you’re going to be stoned or life is going to suck? No. He did promise we would face persecution so don’t be surprised by critics but rather what I mean is this– often being spiritually mature is making decisions AGAINST yourself.

With my business, that has been my challenge to myself daily– to make decisions every single day that are hard and require sacrifice and aren’t comfortable and because THOSE–those decisions– they make you lean in. They make you discipline yourself in godliness. They make you die to yourself and depend on your Father. They are the little stepping stones that lead you down a path when suddenly you look up and see– Jesus has been working on your behalf this WHOLE time.

And He honors hard work and humility.

So, let’s put ourselves in a place of trust. Let’s make decisions that counter our preference and conform us to be more like our Jesus.

Have the BEST Thursday!

“Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.” -1 Timothy 4:7


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