Hand up to the haters!

“I am so offended.”

Why would she say that to me?

Why would he think he can speak to me that way?

Why wasn’t I invited?

As humans, we naturally are offended. In our flesh, we have the tendency to feel excluded and left out, leading us to believe that we are unworthy. We start to analyze the things that people say, read into harmless comments far too often and wear our hearts on our sleeve.

I am no stranger to feeling offended or taking things personally. I used to tell myself that it was just “part of my personality” and like my mother always said growing up, I just had an extremely “tender heart.”

Well, my dad changed my perspective really quick.

In conversation with him one day about his advice in what to do in a situation in my life, he responded to me with “Cleere, honey, you know it isn’t Godly to be offended, right? God doesn’t call us to be offended or take things personally.”

Excuse me, WHAT? I’m offended, dad.

No, seriously I was. I was thinking he was going to respond to me with this wonderful speech about how awesome I am (humble) and that I shouldn’t worry about what I was worrying about! I was better than that, right?!?


He responded in a way so much deeper than that. His words were no subtle message. I heard God speaking through him loud and clear. I sat there after our conversation and really thought about it. My dad was exactly right. Being offended isn’t Godly. Being offended isn’t helpful. Being offended is often times the action of questioning your own worth, actions or character because someone else vocalizes that they do not agree with you. Or, sometimes it is simply having your feelings hurt because you aren’t invited somewhere, making you feel alone or invaluable to those around you.

Wanna know something crazy?

Those thoughts are all LIES. You see, Satan loves for us to listen to him as he feeds us bad food for our souls, holding us back from walking in the true WORTH that we hold in our Savior. We were not made by Satan, he doesn’t know us like our Maker does! So while it may be easy to react to a situation with being offended or upset, choose to see a different perspective. You must KNOW in your spirit that you are made for so much more than taking up your time feeling offended. Your worth is not determined by those around you so why would you let it depreciate your day or hold you back?

Along with this, I recently read in Luke where Jesus is standing trial before Herod right before he is crucified. At this point, Jesus had been stoned, condemned, tortured by others and denied three times by his very own disciple, Peter. Herod was so excited to see Jesus because he had been longing to hammer him with questions. Jesus had the perfect opportunity to defend himself!

Right? Speak up, Jesus! ….Wrong.

It says in Luke 23:9 that as Herod questioned him in length, “He answered him nothing.”

Jesus didn’t have to defend himself. He was not offended by those who refused to believe that He was the Messiah. He didn’t carry his heart on his sleeve because He knew how his father defined Him and the world could not take that away from Him. ever. and What happened? He shut everybody up after rising from the dead.

yep, uh huh. That’s our Jesus.

So, do yourself a favor, and don’t be so offended all the time! Refuse to worry about the things others say or let their thoughts define how you feel about yourself. You are a child of the most High God aka you have no time to be offended! You are loved, worthy and you have purpose.

So, hand up to the haters. You got work to do!

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