He always intervenes.

Imagine this.

A little boy, not more than four years old, short in height, tiny in stature, with blue eyes bigger than quarters.

Not more than an hour ago, his legos were all that were on his mind. His babysitter had taken her eyes off of him for just a short second to tend to his even littler sister when she heard him scream with such terror in his voice. She turned around to see his head gushing with blood as the chair had slipped from under him and the corner of the kitchen table gashed his small head.

Now he laid on the emergency room bed, terrified of all these “white coats” that surrounded him.

Finally, mom and dad reached the hospital and sprinted to the room where their precious little boy was waiting. With each stride, their heart beats accelerated.
Colton’s blue eyes became glued to the door. He just had to focus on the door and soon enough, mom and dad would enter and the white coats would disappear.

As if it could not get worse, the doctors approached Colton’s parents telling them that they needed to get anesthesia in his little body before he lost any more of his blood.

So Colton’s dad boldly entered the room, as he watched his little boy’s face extend his arm reaching for his daddy’s neck. Instead of accepting the embrace, Colton’s daddy pinned his hands to the hospital bed so the doctors could give Colton the anesthesia he needed.

Colton’s face displayed the ultimate look of betrayal. Confusion. Uncertainty. Fear.

Why was his daddy siding with the “white coats”? Didn’t he realize that he needed his help?

Colton’s head still gushing blood and his heart, broken.

You see, Colton didn’t know what was going on around him. He didn’t know that there were things he could not see and details happening behind the scenes that his four-year-old little mind could not grasp. While he felt that his father had betrayed him, his father had actually displayed the ultimate act of love in that situation.
His daddy did save him, he just didn’t know it yet.

This is how God so often is with us. There are so many instances in our lives that land us in the “emergency room”, terrified of what is coming next. The “white coats” that surround us fill us with anxiety and fear.

“Where is my daddy?”, we think.

Well, he is there. He is always there. He has never left you. And just when you need it, He will intervene. It may not be exactly how we viewed him saving us, but a father’s love sees past what we can see on our small hospital bed.

God doesn’t betray us. He saves us. He is always our hero.

If your arms feel pinned back sometimes, remember that there are so many things we do not see and that Jesus displayed the ultimate act of love on the cross. He will not betray you now. He is faithful. He is loving. He is caring. He is passionate about your heart. He is all-knowing. He is compassionate. He is merciful. He is wise. He is able. He is our Savior. He is God.

Take comfort today, knowing that your daddy would never side against you. He will always save you at just the right moment in just the right way.

You. Are. Loved.

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