He is so big.

This will probably sound like a very elementary blog post but it is something I just have not been able to fathom lately. Or ever, really.

Growing up, we all heard phrases about how big our God is and how He made everything that our eyes get to see.

But as I started to think about all that my eyes do see, my mind went into overload!

The oceans?

Yes, He made those. Not just the oceans, but the crashing waves and the break of the tide.

The mountains?

He formed each one, with relation to where it was and what it might do for the people around it. The peaks gather snow, the devits make homes for the animals around and the view from the top is unexplainable.

The plants and the trees.

There are the sunflowers that shine so brightly in the fields and then the soft baby’s breath that whispers softly in the wind. Oak trees stand so sturdy, not even a hurricane can remove their roots and fresh-cut pines bring the smell of Christmas time.

And the PEOPLE.

This alone should conquer the doubts of an athiest. Not one single person in this entire world is the same. Somehow, someway, The Maker masterfully created over six billion different people with their own talents, gifts and personalities. Whether beautiful porcelain or rich-brown skin, deep blue or emerald green eyes, or long curly brown hair or blonde locks, He made EVERY PERSON UNIQUE.

Some are absolutely hilarious comedians and others are brilliant scientists!

But their impact? They can both choose to enrich the Kingdom!

Does that not blow your mind?

Our God is huge!!!

And on top of that, He did not just create the Heavens and the Earth but He is our daily guide, our encourager, our provider of grace and mercy, the King of Kings and our very best friend.

I know some people find it hard to believe that it is possible for God to be so intimately connected to every one of His creations.

It’s like they think that on Mondays, He listens to the prayer requests of all those in Asia, Tuesdays is America, Wednesdays He takes off (it is hump day after all), Thursdays is Europe, and the weekend is devoted to everyone else.

But you see, WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO UNDERSTAND His incredible might, power and abilities! How WOULD we?! For when He intervenes on our behalf, thworpes the plans of the enemy or reveals something in our lives, that alone is often too much to grasp.

If we can’t comprehend His goodness in our own lives, we certainly can’t expect to understand Him doing that for six billion people while maintaining the brightness of every star in every galaxy. EVER!

So, conclusion here is this: I will always need advil after about 30 minutes of trying to understand how big, mighty, loving, incredible, powerful and gracious my God is.

But I am utterly grateful that such a BIG God recklessly and passionately pursues my heart. My very small, untimely, unworthy and often messed up life is of the utmost importance to my Savior.

I find that astonishing, refreshing and beautiful.

Thank You, God! Thank You!

You are so big. I am so small. But because You love me, you make my small so very very big in Your eyes.

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