He knows your potential.

You scare the living daylights out of him. Do you know that??!! Your calling and the stamp on your life is so big and so powerful and so important that he will do anything he possibly can to deter you from your way.

I know sometimes we focus too much on the enemy instead of the victory Jesus has already established over us, but I do think it’s crucial we understand how tirelessly, how ruthlessly, and how desperately he will work to distract us from our God-given potential. It says he prowls around like a roaring lion waiting for someone to devour— devour, not snack on (1 Peter 5:8).

Friction has a tendency to make us second-guess our route, doesn’t it? We feel a little opposition and we immediately question whether we are going the right way. We begin to seek affirmation from those walking near us, the treasures in our hands, and the accomplishments we’ve received thus far, hoping it will remove the hurdle, right? Surely if we were in line with what He was asking of us, it wouldn’t be this hard? People would always be on board with our ideas and the world would support our endeavor, yes?

Have we already forgotten what the Word says? That rejection is certain, hardship is promised, and recognition of value from this world is often not the case.

Sometimes the “Slow Down”, “Stop” and “You’re not enough” signs are sheerly for our distraction, not our direction. 1 Peter 5:8 also says to be “sober-minded”— to wake the heck up!!!! We are here for His glory and there is a war going on for the time left in our hourglass.

Friend, if you feel the friction, it’s probably because you’re moving forward. It’s probably because you’re believing and trusting in something greater than yourself and satan would love to beef up your pride and keep you idle. If he can distract you with treasures or discourage you with hurdles, he thinks he can keep you off the track.
But you’re aware of his shenanigans and his schemes. His strategies aren’t new and you’re back at it, running your race with passion and zest and courage.

The world needs you. Jesus is using you. Trust the difference He can make with you. His glory, your story.


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