Heartbreak Hurts.

Heartbreak. Something everyone is familiar with, guy or girl. Girls may be more outspoken about their emotional state (…we know) but I feel like most everyone can say they have experienced heartbreak in one form or another. Whether it be through a relationship ending, a family death or a tragic life circumstance. It’s sometimes unexpected. Sometimes it comes with no explanation. Actually, it often offers no understanding. So many times I have heard the question asked: Why did God allow this to happen to me? While I’m not suggesting I know any answers to your personal situation at all, I just wanted to share a little bit about what God has been showing me.

Living with five other girls for my past three years in college and having myself to deal with, heartbreak has unfortunately not been a stranger. I have seen relationships that have ended with so many unanswered questions or because of a terrible inconsiderate decision by one person. I guess because college opens you up to so many new people from all different places, you are exposed to so much more but I feel like I have heard far too many stories of close friends dying in car accidents, family members passing too soon or sicknesses that seem to overtake people with no concern for the people they have to leave behind. Or life in general, well it can easily take a turn for the worst if we make the wrong decisions and sometimes heartbreak is a consequence of that. No matter the situation, heartbreak is hard to watch and even harder to experience. There isn’t a cure or a pill you can take to make it better. Often times, the only thing that seems to help is time. As time passes, the pain lessens and life begins to seem bearable again.

I have thought so much about why we experience heartbreak. God must know how much our heart longs to not feel this way anymore, why doesn’t He reach down and work His magic? The answer: I still don’t know exactly. But I do know that He cares about the condition of our heart more than any person on this planet possibly could. The condition of your heart doesn’t just mean if you’re happy or sad or feeling loved or unloved. He wants you to take CARE of your heart. And the best way to do that is to leave it in the caretaker’s hands. So many times, we make decisions for ourselves that don’t line up with what God longs for our lives, which is often what leads to heartbreak.

I guess what I’m saying is: Don’t let heartbreak deceive you into thinking that God doesn’t love you or care about you. Heartbreak is the exact opposite. Rejection is often God’s protection. Something ending can often be because He is craving to start something NEW in your heart and your life. He only allows heartbreak so that you will reach out to Him, begging for Him to come into your life and give you peace. That intimacy is what He craves. Why? Because the second you allow Him to be the caretaker of your heart, you will realize it is also what you crave. My mom used to tell me that a breakdown was the sign of a breakthrough. I think the same goes for a heartbreak. My friend, don’t be too discouraged if your heart is hurting. Allow yourself to cry huge tears if necessary. But as soon as you finish, grab your tissues, lift up your hands and praise Him in the storm. Thank your sweet Lord for whatever He is doing in your life. Yearn for that closeness with Him and I promise you that where He is leading you is way better than where you have been.

Take care of your heart by letting Him have it. It really is the wellspring of life.

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